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Media Kit - SE Qld Based Blogger

Achoo You is the tortoise of the blogging world. Slow and steady is our moto
There are usually over 2300 page views per month.
Instagram is where the action is. My Village
Facebook likes 100
Twitter followers 141
Instagram followers 200

Achoo You is Open To The Following
Sponsored Post
I am happy to receive and review products I feel are relevant to my "village". My reviews will always be truthful. The sponsored post fee is $150 plus the product, item or service. Non returnable. Payment is to be made in full before any post goes live.
Sponsorship will be disclosed on every post.
Product Trial
I am happy to accept product for trial or review. All products received will be trialed and fairly assessed on their individual merits, this does NOT guarantee I will share them with my viewers, only those I absolutely believe in and use will be. Gifted products will always be disclosed. Gifted/trial products will NOT be returned.
I am happy to host a giveaway on the blog and share across all my forms of social media. To meet guidelines across Australian states, it will be a game of skill.
The following also will be required
* Achoo You to be gifted the prize that is being considered.
* You are responsible for distribution of the prize to the winner directly  
*  Minimum value of the prize must be $20.00  
Advertising on Achoo You
I am happy to show advertising on Achoo You. Sidebar advertising starts at $30.00/3mths.

If you have any further enquiries please contact

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