Saturday, 5 April 2014

Why The Gluten Free Zone Yo?

As we have more and more visitors popping in to say Hi Hello, I thought I might explain why I am posting mainly Gluten Free Lactose Free Recipes. A year ago my Mum was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Poor Mum it was a hard cross to bare at the time because like her daughter she is food lover. Those in particular baked goods. Of the straight out of the oven lathered in butter kind of baked goods. Until you attempt a Gluten Free diet, you have no idea how much stuff actual contains Gluten or sneaky Gluten. Well I felt bad for poor Mum and decided that I would not be bowing to the 8 million books out there on Gluten Free Diet and Recipes but adapt our tried and true family recipes.
 I have multiple books and folders of handwritten recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Recipes that I have scribbled on napkins at someones home because I adored what I had just eaten so much I had to have the recipe then and there. HA Invite me anytime I shall just quiz the hell out of you for ingredients. I still have a napkin with lipstick writing of a semi fredo recipe from a dinner party I went to in the late 90's. I shall type them all in one spot for prosperity at some point. Just not anytime soon, that seems like a lot of hard work doesn't it. So anything I post on here is a recipe that I have adapted from a full totes odds one on hand. The good stuff with all the butter milk and flours.
I play around with them a fair bit because it turns out sometimes you can't just substitute out like for like. I also only post things that are smack bang same tasting. I can not stand buying or making something that tastes nothing like what you anticipate it would. So when I am fiddling with these recipes they must taste like the original. That if you didn't know, you would think it was original. Get me? So I have switched mostly to a Gluten Free diet. I feel better for it, not as bloated and the severe dizzy spells I was experiencing have subsided. My husband and kids are tough critics, they love their baked goods and they have no problem in telling if something is not cutting the mustard.
Along the way I shall also share great ready made Gluten Free Lactose Free products that I find. First one I can think of off the top of my head is in Coles there are Gluten Free rolls, they are the business. They taste just like normal bread rolls, soft and gorgeous. So tell me have you a Gluten Free diet? Hard yacka or easy peasy lemon squeezy? Little expensive on the hip pocket some of the products out there huh, so how about we find and share some good recipes that need little or no fancy pants ingredients that require you to trek to the outskirts of Mongolia. Yeah I like that idea........

Coming Up Soon (like tomorrow)

Custard Cake


  1. I tried going gluten free when I was diagnosed with a dodgy thyroid and lasted all of 4 days. It was so hard! I definitely sympathise with your mum but how lucky is she to have a daughter like who is willing to go GF herself and tinker with recipes until they taste the same?! Looking forward to reading the custard cake recipe. It looks amazing x

  2. Need custard cake now!!!
    I spent a few months last year with gestational diabetes and I know how hard changing a diet is. Luckily we are back to eating normally now but I can totally sympathise!!

  3. It is so good K, and easy peasy pantry stuff. Easily adaptable for normal milk and flour too x

  4. Oh Ann I gave you a holla on facebook for your birthday my luv, blogger was eating my comments xxxx I just wanted to find recipes that could be adapted that tasted the same so she wouldn't feel like she was missing out on the good stuff xx


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