Sunday, 6 April 2014

GF LF Custard Cake

This one was a hold your breath and hope for the best kind of cake.
I was nervous the first time I made it. As you can't cut into it and check if the custard has set.
Being that it is custard you have to trust in the process.
I am not going to lie it's not a pretty process people.

Please do not stress when you get the above pic. It looks like everything has curdled and will be horrid.
It's not I promise. TRUST IN THE PROCESS.

What I love about this recipe is it is staples in the pantry. I have all the items on hand. Love it!!!!

So please give this one a go and see what you think. All of the above can be replaced for real butter, milk and flour if you wish. It really is a versatile cake. Mum said it reminds her of beloved Vanilla Slices she use to hoover. I just think it is yummy and the kids loved it, custard is hands down one of their favourite

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