Sunday, 23 June 2013

Make It Go Away

I made an error. A very big error in judgement. I joined a link up last month I was just not ready for.
The SPAM, oh my the spam. Hundreds and hundreds of spam. It messed with me emotionally. All those pings on my phone to tell me people loved me and OOPS no no no, it's all a bad joke. A spammer loves you. It hurt alot. I had never dealt with such matters before. I am a small blog with a loyal following.

Who were these strangers trying to take over my lil world? I just couldn't cope with it all, so I hid. For a month I have hid. Turning off all notifications and burying my head, hoping it would all go away once the month of May finished. It didn't it still goes on and on. So I have deleted all the posts relevant to that linky.

Pray my friends that it all goes away and I can get back to what I love doing. You know, gluing shit.

So next month we start a fresh. New financial year, new beginnings. Guess you can't really ever take the accountant away huh! Instead of living our lives a quarter mile at a time ( god I love Vin) we live July to June,  on the edge man, thrill seekers.

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