Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Return Overload

Hello there......
It's been a long time huh?
Let's just say the re-entry into Domestic Goddess has been a rough one. 
But enough of that, let's talk purchases. More importantly what I did for the last few weeks of my contract. 
You know what I hate? The cost of some of the things I love to play with the most. Enter anything craft related. I am unsure why things cost so much more in Australia and it's damn annoying. 
So I researched some of my wishlist things. You see I had a list. Things I really wanted to play with when I returned to Domestic Goddess duties. Some I'll share with you over the next few weeks and how I saved, literally hundreds of dollars. 
First up......my favourite yarn at the moment. I am not joking when I say, I am fussy, super fussy about what I use. I love colour, lots and lots of colour and my favourite store Spotty McSpotty can be a bit of a downer on the colour front. 
So I searched and searched, joined a few groups here and there to talk yarn and low and behold my eyes were truly opened with these babies 

Isn't she delicious? The yarn is called a Stylecraft Special Double Knit (DK) and is from Deramores. This UK based supplier has, wait for it, 54 shades, I repeat 54 shades of this sherbet goodness. 
The pack above is called a Lucy pack, named after the crochet genius that is Attic 24. Go and check out Lucy's page. It really is a sensory overload of gorgeous colour and pieces she creates. 
Anyhow back to the yarn. It is 100g ball at $2.69 Aus Dollar. Now I pay $2.99 per 50g ball at my local and only about 1/4 of colours. Including shipping it works out to be $3.45 a ball. Much cheaper and so much more selection. I waited around a week for it arrive, so maybe not an option if your not a plan ahead kind of person. 
Now the best bit, this yarn is the softest acrylic I have ever felt, very similar to a baby yarn actually. 
Here are a few more pics for good measure 

I shall never go back to cheap and nasty yarn....ever... 

Is anyone else doing the knit along over on the Spotlight facebook page? You knit one block a week and then join the blocks to form a throw....anyone....anyone...Bueller 

Next few weeks we are going to get into the nitty gritty of PAPER CUTTERS/TRIMMERS, I know! hold onto your bloomers ladies...seriously though as you hit mid 30's you do need to invest in some serious elastic...anyway by for now my loves, let's get this Blog Mojo started 


  1. I have major yarn envy. Must get me some of those gorgeous colours xx

  2. Son you will seriously love the knit along on the Spotlight Facey page. The first two blocks have been uber easy x

  3. ooooo heading over now to check it out thanks for the heads up xx

  4. I don't knit but yum that yarn is gorgeous.

  5. You prolly won't believe me when I say it's super easy Deb xxx

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