Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Charlie - The Third Child

After reading Maxabella's call to arms about our pets for her gig at Kidspot Village Voices I decided to put pen to paper so to speak. Please note I managed to find my way out of the bottom of a chip packet  to do so Bron (cough cough).
Here's the tale of Charlie........
Once upon a time there was a little girl who liked to spend her Saturday afternoons at the puppy store admiring all the puppies her mean and horrid parents wouldn't buy her. She indulged each one of these orphans with all her little 6 year old heart could muster. There were fat ones and skinny ones and overly priced need to get a second mortgage, needs a diet better than we do ones. On this wet and windy afternoon she went about playing with these bundles of fun like any Saturday ritual, until her shrewd and eyeful mother noticed she had disappeared. Behind the screen that said "staff only".*
Once her Mother had stopped screeching to "get the hell out of there" she noticed a little white bundle of joy licking her daughter within an inch of her life. Upon further inspection, this little ball of fury, had in fact completely destroyed his cubicle with a big red sign on top.

Mother and Father immediately looked at each other with that unspoken look of NO. Then the weak minded soft touch of Father relented when he spotted a large lump on the pups chest. He immediately demanded to see the Vet to see what this was all about. The Vet explained to the getting weaker by the minute Father that the pup was unwanted. He had been placed out the back because it was putting off the prospective adoptees in buying a puppy. He may as well have said "Would you like dog food with that?"

Yes folks that is how Charlie made his way into our little family. He underwent surgery not long after this pic and had said nasty lump removed and has been creating havoc for his "mother" ever since. He is fantastic with the kids and my little mate. He is lazy and extraordinarily loud for a staffy, just like every other member of this family. Perfect fit

*Doesn't everyone's children go into no go zones

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