Saturday, 23 November 2013

Gluten Free Lactose Free Pancakes

Hello there my lovely readers, been awhile. I've been busy organising our wedding and what not for the last few months, so the blog has felt neglected some what.
I have started to convert to Gluten Free and Lactose Free and feel a lot better for it. Frequent viewers will remember the health issues I have had in the last twelve months and we still have no definite answers. Most days I still awake dizzy and disorientated but am not passing out every few hours like before.
After the shenanigans of this wedding are completed there are another round of tests to be done. Two days after the wedding to be exact. HAHAHA no honeymoon for us.
So I decided to change my diet and see if that helps matters. Well combined with diet change and new medications I actually am feeling pretty good most days. Dizzy I can deal with, unconscious a lot I couldn't.
So most of my go to recipes I have been converting and have worked really well. So I thought I would start sharing with you some of them.....
First up is my Pancake Recipe

Below is the Recipe and a Printable Version GFLF Pancakes

As you can see I shop at Aldi. Totally not sponsored by them but they definitely have the cheapest GF and LF Products I have found. 
I haven't told any family members when I have changed the products in them and nobody has noticed or commented on a different texture or taste. Give them a go and see what you think.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Fathers Day Printables

As promised a couple of printables for your viewing and download pleasure.

Happy Fathers Day for Sunday my Daddy and wonderful DP who is the best damn Daddy he can be x

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Baby Turns 2

Next week Miss A turns 2. Unfreaking believable. I can not believe time as flown....
Anyways in party prep mode I have started on the fruit and cake toppers

My tip cut your circles upside down it is easy to see, I needed to trim mine smaller as I have a contrasting back to go with these 

I've also included my PDF for you 

I might even throw in some fathers day toppers later in the week :) 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Make It Go Away

I made an error. A very big error in judgement. I joined a link up last month I was just not ready for.
The SPAM, oh my the spam. Hundreds and hundreds of spam. It messed with me emotionally. All those pings on my phone to tell me people loved me and OOPS no no no, it's all a bad joke. A spammer loves you. It hurt alot. I had never dealt with such matters before. I am a small blog with a loyal following.

Who were these strangers trying to take over my lil world? I just couldn't cope with it all, so I hid. For a month I have hid. Turning off all notifications and burying my head, hoping it would all go away once the month of May finished. It didn't it still goes on and on. So I have deleted all the posts relevant to that linky.

Pray my friends that it all goes away and I can get back to what I love doing. You know, gluing shit.

So next month we start a fresh. New financial year, new beginnings. Guess you can't really ever take the accountant away huh! Instead of living our lives a quarter mile at a time ( god I love Vin) we live July to June,  on the edge man, thrill seekers.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Spotlight Knit Along Project

Hi There!!
How are you all going. Remember I mentioned the Spotlight Knit Along project.
Here are some photos of the finished product provided by Spotlight.

The Above Pictures are Found on the Spotlight Facebook Page 

Don't worry if you haven't started yet or are behind I am still only up to Week 2 huh!
All of the information can be found on Spotlight Facebook Page. 

This is not sponsored in any way, I just love this project as last year I did their Crochet Along project and it was a tonne of fun. 

If you want to get started or have missed the whole thing, below are the PDF's I have been saving each week 

I've chosen to do mine in whites/pinks/purples as preteen has already baggsed it! 

If you do decide to start, I'd love to see your pics 

Have a great week 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Return Overload

Hello there......
It's been a long time huh?
Let's just say the re-entry into Domestic Goddess has been a rough one. 
But enough of that, let's talk purchases. More importantly what I did for the last few weeks of my contract. 
You know what I hate? The cost of some of the things I love to play with the most. Enter anything craft related. I am unsure why things cost so much more in Australia and it's damn annoying. 
So I researched some of my wishlist things. You see I had a list. Things I really wanted to play with when I returned to Domestic Goddess duties. Some I'll share with you over the next few weeks and how I saved, literally hundreds of dollars. 
First favourite yarn at the moment. I am not joking when I say, I am fussy, super fussy about what I use. I love colour, lots and lots of colour and my favourite store Spotty McSpotty can be a bit of a downer on the colour front. 
So I searched and searched, joined a few groups here and there to talk yarn and low and behold my eyes were truly opened with these babies 

Isn't she delicious? The yarn is called a Stylecraft Special Double Knit (DK) and is from Deramores. This UK based supplier has, wait for it, 54 shades, I repeat 54 shades of this sherbet goodness. 
The pack above is called a Lucy pack, named after the crochet genius that is Attic 24. Go and check out Lucy's page. It really is a sensory overload of gorgeous colour and pieces she creates. 
Anyhow back to the yarn. It is 100g ball at $2.69 Aus Dollar. Now I pay $2.99 per 50g ball at my local and only about 1/4 of colours. Including shipping it works out to be $3.45 a ball. Much cheaper and so much more selection. I waited around a week for it arrive, so maybe not an option if your not a plan ahead kind of person. 
Now the best bit, this yarn is the softest acrylic I have ever felt, very similar to a baby yarn actually. 
Here are a few more pics for good measure 

I shall never go back to cheap and nasty yarn....ever... 

Is anyone else doing the knit along over on the Spotlight facebook page? You knit one block a week and then join the blocks to form a throw....anyone....anyone...Bueller 

Next few weeks we are going to get into the nitty gritty of PAPER CUTTERS/TRIMMERS, I know! hold onto your bloomers ladies...seriously though as you hit mid 30's you do need to invest in some serious elastic...anyway by for now my loves, let's get this Blog Mojo started 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Charlie - The Third Child

After reading Maxabella's call to arms about our pets for her gig at Kidspot Village Voices I decided to put pen to paper so to speak. Please note I managed to find my way out of the bottom of a chip packet  to do so Bron (cough cough).
Here's the tale of Charlie........
Once upon a time there was a little girl who liked to spend her Saturday afternoons at the puppy store admiring all the puppies her mean and horrid parents wouldn't buy her. She indulged each one of these orphans with all her little 6 year old heart could muster. There were fat ones and skinny ones and overly priced need to get a second mortgage, needs a diet better than we do ones. On this wet and windy afternoon she went about playing with these bundles of fun like any Saturday ritual, until her shrewd and eyeful mother noticed she had disappeared. Behind the screen that said "staff only".*
Once her Mother had stopped screeching to "get the hell out of there" she noticed a little white bundle of joy licking her daughter within an inch of her life. Upon further inspection, this little ball of fury, had in fact completely destroyed his cubicle with a big red sign on top.

Mother and Father immediately looked at each other with that unspoken look of NO. Then the weak minded soft touch of Father relented when he spotted a large lump on the pups chest. He immediately demanded to see the Vet to see what this was all about. The Vet explained to the getting weaker by the minute Father that the pup was unwanted. He had been placed out the back because it was putting off the prospective adoptees in buying a puppy. He may as well have said "Would you like dog food with that?"

Yes folks that is how Charlie made his way into our little family. He underwent surgery not long after this pic and had said nasty lump removed and has been creating havoc for his "mother" ever since. He is fantastic with the kids and my little mate. He is lazy and extraordinarily loud for a staffy, just like every other member of this family. Perfect fit

*Doesn't everyone's children go into no go zones

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