Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Kmart Kitchen Gadget Review

This blogging gig is incredibly hard sometimes. I mean really tough going. Like when you are selected by Kidspot Mums Say to review Kmart Kitchen Gadgets. I mean really, me? kitchen gadgets? Bahahhahaha I know it's like they saw straight into my heart. I have draws of this stuff, well did have. You see once you have children that disappears. You will find all your favorite utensils and measuring cups etc in the sandpit or bath.
Lets just have a look at my haul shall we?

Here are the listed items
Avocado Keeper 
Cupcake Keeper x 2 
Egg Timer 
Dish Brush 
Scrub Brush
Measuring Spoons 
Mini Whisk 
Silicone Cupcake Molds  
Ice Cream Scoop 

Now you may think these items are just for your kitchen and for it's intended purpose. WRONG
I actually got the egg timer for the bathroom to time our teeth brushing.
Ice Cream scoop is for filling cupcakes. It is by far the easiest option and gives the correct amount each time.
Measuring spoons is for the craft room to measure out the glitter and glue mixes.

By far these are my two favourite items. I make cupcakes weekly for school. I have adapted a version that is Gluten Free and Sugar Free and is loved around here. Mostly because I haven't told them that I changed it to the afore mentioned. Shhhh we all have our little secrets :)

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