Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Random Acts of Zen

Have you met Lisa from Zen Designs, she's the shizzle. Beautiful inside and out. I love designing women, those that create gorgeous things amaze and inspire me daily. I'll wait while you go and drool and damage the credit card :)
See this piece

Lisa had this piece up for feedback on her Facebook page, errr feedback schmeedback for $32 inc postage that silver baby was mine. (they will be available on site shortly) or if you email her really really nicely and tell her I sent you with high fives she MAY be able to sort you out ;)
Along with this precious baby came these

Charms from her blog Random Acts of Zen
It's all about passing on good karma. You know I am all about good karma, so I have 3 to pass on. Otherwise you can contact lisa@zendesigns.com.au and share your good karma. Please email me your postal address if you would like to be part of this awesome movement xx

*** This is NOT a sponsored post I just think Lisa deserves some good karma for her gorgeousness x


  1. Wow I LOVE it I am abig fan of karma!!

  2. Oh I love everything about this Beth. I am a big believer in karma, and I much prefer to think of it in positive rather than negative terms. I am off for a little look see now. xxx

  3. I know Shel, I am so blessed to be surrounded by such good bloggy eggs x

  4. Love your work lovely! Gorgeous little treasures. I am thinking I might randomly send things out to people more often! It feels good! xx


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