Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cheater Chicken

As most of you have gathered by now I am totally a cheater in regards to food and craft. I try and find the simplest way of doing things.
This recipe below is a firm favourite in our house
I Cup Powdered Milk
2 Cups Water
Organic Chicken Breast
Oil to Fry off
Yep you absolutely read that correctly. I don't waste the good milk over here. Saving that little bit extra dosh here and there with these tricks allows me to be able to buy organic.
Nor do I fluff about with flour and eggs for crumbing.
Mix your powdered milk with your water and whisk together till creamy.
Dice/Slice your chicken pieces and let soak in the milk.
Coat in your breadcrumbs and allow at least an hour in the fridge for the crumbs to settle.
Fry off in a little oil. DONE

The chicken is soooo moist it practically falls apart. Another version I do is coat in natural or greek yoghurt and coat with breadcrumbs.
I then slice it up and mix with, shredded carrot, beetroot, baby spinach and grated cheese. For the love of god, please grate your own cheese, the grated cheese you buy is full of nasties. Some ranch dressing and GET IN MY BELLY

What shortcuts do you take? I would love to hear about them


  1. I am so trying this! Looks easier enough for me to even do!! Xx

  2. I am so trying this! Looks easier enough for me to even do!! Xx

  3. You have always been on my stalking list - you are one I get a lot of pleasure out of stalking gorgeous xx

  4. I am not a very good cook so I always follow the recipe!


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