Monday, 2 July 2012

Soft Votes and Standing United

Before I start on my ranty mcranty post, let me just say I loathe the term "mummy blogger". 
The BLOGGERS that I read are so much more than that. They are beautiful intelligent witty women who have something to say. Their lives are so much more than being a mother or not in some instances.
The Telegraph had an article recently Soft Vote about how the PM having morning tea with "mummy bloggers" and other media outlets.
There have been opinions that this was a strategic move on Julia's behalf, tapping into the soft vote etc.
I call BULLSHIT. Bullshit to the soft vote, bullshit to the politics.
Regardless of whom the party involved was, regardless of the strategy behind it, I was ecstatic to see BLOGGERS being taken seriously as a voice of this country.
BLOGGERS have something to say and the public listens. Does it sway their vote, I entirely doubt it.
If someone blogs about a certain party because they get a free biscuit I guarantee, readers won't run out and vote for that party. I certainly would be more likely to ask what the recipe was and did they filch the tea cup.
I call bullshit on the bloggers selling out on sponsored posts witch hunt. Peeps if you can get some cashola by writing, BRING THAT SHIT ON. If it keeps you in shoes and handbags I say, HELL YES.
Bloggers aren't selling out by doing sponsored posts, giveaways etc They are working for a living.
Last but by far least, Saturday was the day Instagram went down, I know, like losing a limb. I had the shakes and was thrown into sudden detox. Didn't stop me from trying to refresh, I dunno, every five minutes or so. As much as I love Woogs I got a bit over seeing her crawling around the carpet at Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 for 11 hours straight as my last photo showing on Instagram.
Oh yeah that was what else happened on Saturday. There was a blogging conference.
The one tweet that came through that really resonated with me, was a quote from Woogs speech, bloggers needing to stand together. (rough quote as I can't find the direct one, sorry)
My interpretation of that is not that we all need to be the same and do the same things but as a community support other bloggers in their pursuits. Not try and tear each other down at any given opportunity.  Nobody needs to blog about the same things nor have the same opinions, differing opinions make the world go round, we can however, disagree in a civil manner and not have a hate campaign.
There a bloggers I adore, who at time to time blog about something that I completely disagree with. So what!!! It doesn't make me dislike that blogger or change my opinion about how awesome they are. I just disagree with that particular blog post at that particular time. AND THAT'S OKAY.
 I know this has been covered before and I apologise, but I have only just got my shit together today to get a post out. Stupid health and babies getting in the way of a good blog post!! 
Bahhh life ;)


  1. Stephanie Winmill3 July 2012 at 13:42


  2. Gawd, I love your guts Beth! I agree with every word.
    Hope you are feeling better very soon. xx

  3. Hi Beth,

    Sorry Instagram froze on my pic. And I am even more sorry that I had to sit on the ground for that session!

    And you are right - I do think bloggers should be supporting bloggers. Newbies, oldies, foodies, techies, personal.... the whole lot.

    Great post xxx

  4. You KNOW I agree with this whole flipping fucking heartedly!

    I hate the bullying, I hate the mummy wars, I hate the bitching, & the slamming. I loathe the trolls.

    It's so simple, if you don't like it, disagree respectfully & put your name to it, or just don't comment at all.

    Simple eh?

    ... it'll never happen xx

    P.S I'm still recovering from the temporary shut down of instagram. Eye twitches, nervous shakes & all.

    Hit twitter HARD to try & compensate but it just wasn't the same ;)

  5. Amen Sista! And yup I was nearly beside myself when Instagram went down especially whilst I was trying to stay up to date on all the goss from Blogopolis! xx


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