Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Offspring...Isn't That The 90's Band?

I have a confession....
I haven't bought into the whole "Offspring" phenomenon. I have several reasons, the most important one is I don't like the lead actress, at all. I actually have to switch channels even if it is just a promo on TV. Ridiculous isn't it. That a person could dislike someone so passionately, yet never met them. An actor no less. Hello they are paid to play a character. I don't mind others posting about it or hearing on the interwebs about outfits etc, I love to hear or see what's on trend. The truth of the matter is, since an award show several years ago when I noticed her giving everyone that walked past her table the up and down stare with the turn of the shoulder. Instant dislike and it's stayed with me ever since. Crazy I tell you CRAY CRAY
The other band wagon I am firmly not on is, brace yourself ladies, 50 Shades of Grey. It does not interest me in the slightest. My mother is begging me to get the e-books for her, which gives me a massive EWWWWW factor.
I like my books BIG. Normally no less than 300 or 400 pages (see below)

I also like them OLD. I have a whole collection of 18th and 19th century books I adore. For the language alone, it's like reading a foreign language. There is an innocence to the writing. 
A book needs to take me to a whole other place. Tell me a story about all the characters, go into great detail. I loathe novels that tell you a story about the main characters only and leave you wondering about the others, leaving you with more questions than answers. 
One of my favourite authors is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of Sherlock Holmes fame. If you ever get a chance read some of his other works that don't involve Sherlock. He was a wonderful writer. 
Most importantly you may require two hands to lift it. Very technical I know! 

That's just me. I understand others that love shorter novels, that are just a break away from reality. I get it I really do.
I also am dragging my feet kicking and screaming to move over to e-readers. I love my books, the smell of the pages of an old or new book, is just divine. You can smell history people. It shall be an ancient art, page turning.

My most prized possession.....
A 1880 copy of Sense and Sensibility. I can't show a pic as it's a valuable piece of work and it's kept in a secure place.


  1. How can you only be discovering Offspring now? lol I get the whole Fifty Shades thing and Im kinda disappointed in myself for being so into it .....but OFFSPRING! ;) xx

  2. Love Offspring. Both varieties... I loved the series she was in with Claudia Karvan, Love My Way. I really related to both her and the Claudia character in that. I received a copy of 50 shades of grey for my birthday... wait for it... from my mum and dad! I will probably start it tonight as I feel like a page turner. You love of old books is very interesting. I love more modern books. I love Kate Atkinson, Anne Tyler, John Irving. I think that they all write their characters in quite a lot of depth and that's why I love them. xx

  3. No idea what this 'Offspring' you speak of even is (but then I don't watch tele). And I read one page of Grey and yawned. Neither are for me either.


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