Thursday, 26 July 2012

DIY Shellac

Hello there!!! It's been awhile since I posted. I'll be honest it's been shit around here lately. Tumors have been popping up all over the shop, most recently my jaw which has left me with a drop to the left side of my mouth, much like a stroke and my speech is now impeded like one as well.
Needless to say I have been feeling very down on myself and how I look.
So I took myself off to the hairdressers and had it all cut off and went mad on eBay :)

I had a old UV lamp from years ago doing my own nails so I purchased base coat, shellac and topcoat. So I dropped two lobsters ($40) on that lot and did my own shellac.

All you need to do is apply the base coat and cure under lamp for 3 mins, apply the shellac and cure for 3 mins extra coat if you want and top coat for 3 mins. Then wipe off the sticky top coat with remover. DONE

So proud of myself just saved myself about $350 in the next three months.
When I want to change colour or get sick of them I will just soak them in remover in these lil babies I picked up on EBay

There is nothing like a haircut and nails to bring a spring back in your swagger :)


  1. Hey Beth. Sorry to hear your health hasn't been great but glad to read that you've taken yourself off for a bit of pampering. I'm loving the DIY Shellac idea. Much easier and cheaper to do it at home! And your hair is looking fab x

  2. Thanks Chic!! Bleh to issues, but yay to saving options, notice I didn't mention what else I bought for fear of incriminating myself to partner type trolls :)

  3. You are such a clever chook! So sorry to hear you've not been feeling the best. Glad to hear you're getting a spring back in your swagger. xx

  4. Always the cost saver :) Health will get better it always does x

  5. So sorry to hear that you have been unwell Beth. A haircut and nails would help a bit I am sure. My nails are feral. No amount of anything would help. I imagine not being able to talk properly would be horrible, and i imagine you being quite a talker. I hope you are ok. Much love gorgeous lady. xx

  6. Got me in one Lee. it's agony!!!!xxx

  7. I do hope you are on the mend soon, Beth:(

  8. Deb @ home life simplified26 July 2012 at 23:11

    Hey hon- sorry to hear you are in a bad way but like your turn around on things to end up with the great nails and some fun goodness. need you to do my nails - i paint them and less than 2 days later they are chipped like mad! xxx

  9. Sorry to read you're not well Beth, good to see you put some energy into looking after 'you'. Self love goes a long way. :)

  10. Sorry to hear that lovely. You deserve all the pampering you can get. The nails look great x


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