Monday, 25 June 2012

New Beginnings

Do you know what today is? It's my first official day as a SAHM.
The deadline for return from maternity leave was in a weeks time, so it was crunch time. I had ummmed and ahhhhhed enough over the last 3 months as to what I wanted to do. Stretch was supportive on whatever I chose. We are fortunate enough to be in a position where I don't have to work. Things will be tight, don't get me wrong but this family could do with a rewind on the little extras that keep occurring.
I really was torn as to what I wanted to do. I love working. I loved the responsibility and self importance to be honest. I held a prominent position in a Australia wide company. I worked my arse off to get there. I wasn't going to give that up easily. Stretch and I had discussed this previous to me even going on maternity leave. I was staunch in my opinion on going back full time.
Nine months has passed and I have made a complete turn about. I don't want to go back. I want to stay at home and experience all the little things I missed with my first. You see I had returned to work when Miss T was 3 months old and I missed  A LOT. I was so focused on bringing home the bacon and providing material bullshit, that I missed major milestones.
I don't want to do that again. I know myself better than anyone, even if I returned part time, my ego and self importance would take over and I would be working 50 hour weeks again in a millisecond.
I am a all or nothing kind of girl. So it's nothing for me. Until, you know school comes around in four years :)
How long this will last? I am not entirely sure. I know I need to do something. My brain needs exercising daily or I get bored and danger approaches when that happens. Study? maybe. Professional online shopper? quite possibly :)
I have watched Peggy over at Cake Crumbs Beach Sand, over the last few months evolve. My god did she inspire. To do what you may ask? LEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold a big arse breath and just leap.
I am confident we will be perfectly fine and I will fall into something that works. For this control freak that was a lot to let go. I have.

So my friends, be confident in yourself and just .......


  1. good on you Beth, funny how priorities change isn't it. I am sure you will find something to keep you occupied, that doesn't burn a hole in the credit card;)

  2. Wow Beth! Big decision. Good on you for working out what you want. I was planning on doing a Masters and then I discovered blogging. Whoops! Change of plan! xx

  3. Enjoy it darling. I think u have made the best decision possible.

  4. Way to go Sista - well done for taking the plunge. I am ever so envious and you are going to create the most awesome memories with your munchkins xxx

  5. Brilliant. BRILLIANT!! I am SO happy for you Beth. Cate Bolt once told me that "you build faster when you're falling" in response to the above quote about building wings on the way down. Leaping is the only way!

    I too am an all or nothing kinda girl, I couldn't do it half-assed either. Good for you. GOOD FOR YOU! I can't wait to read about how much fun you're having, be sure to share your journey with us. :) xo

    ps...thank you for the mention.


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