Monday, 18 June 2012

Make Or Buy - Last Minute Costumes

Monday morning school run, teacher announces TOMORROW is Early Settler Day, costume dress is required!!!
I know WTF!!!
My mind immediately starts working overtime. What's in the wardrobes, dress up box or material in sewing room?
Time and cash poor, I remember I have striped material. Buying a outfit would require wrangling a cranky baby and ATM action, none of which interest me AT .ALL. EVER.
So for the last hour I have winged a convict outfit.
Knowing my eldest measurements is handy. So I've run up a quick shirt type piece and used her PJ bottoms a guide for the bottom half. Bit of dark makeup smudged around we will be good to go.

If you do have time I thoroughly recommend the below pattern. I use this one for all the family for PJ pants, play pants and shorten it for shorts as well. Super versatile!!

So what do you do when last minute costumes are needed? Are you a winger or rush buy?
Oh yeah and happy freaking Monday to that!!


  1. Thank gawd I am not at that stage yet! You are so clever and thanks for the pattern tip for novices like moi. xx

  2. Well done, Beth!

    We get the last-minute costume thing a lot, between school, daycare and before/after school care. I kind of like it though, it's an excuse to get the sewing machine out and have a play. And if it isnt perfect, it's okay because it was rushed. if i have lots of time, I tend to get grand ideas and it all gets crazy ;o)

  3. LOL Laura my ideas are always far grander than my reality. But I do love to "play"

  4. I promise you Lee it's super easy and takes less than an hour x


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