Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday, 17 May 2012

One Cup Slice - 20 mins out of your day

Hello there my lovely friends, I've been a little quiet lately due to me killing accidentally spilling coffee on the old laptop, yes true to form I was my usual coordinated self.

So there is something I wanted to share with you, especially those that are little scared of baking. I am a baking fiend, I have baked as long as I can remember and trust me when I say, you can rarely do something wrong that can not be fixed. Over the years I have accumulated some hot tips in my lil pocket that I will share with you. Technical terms of course (NOT).

  • Fan forced cooks your baking quicker and hotter, turn it off when baking, or drop the recommended degrees by about 20.  
  •  The only thing I do not skimp on is good quality chocolate and butter when baking. No name brand works just as well on everything else. In fact I use normal chocolate, buy in bulk when on special and use that, I never buy less than 70% cocoa. 
  • No self raising flour, no problem, use one teaspoon of bi-carb per cup of plain flour needed. Sift a few times to get the air in there. 
  • I have powdered milk in the cupboard for such times that I don't have enough milk to make something, you CAN NOT taste the difference as it's being cooked. 
  • Not a fan of so much sugar? no problem, either use your preferred artificial sweetener (yuck) or half it and replace with a good dollop of honey. Honey mostly cooks itself out and you won't taste it. 
  • I always remove my baking whilst it's still squishy, when you remove baking and it's sits in a tray it continues to cook, most items can not be removed till cooled or it will loose shape etc, I remove mine from oven about five/ten minutes before due and leave it in tin to cool. You can always put it back in if too soft but burnt is burnt and bin it goes. 
  • Burnt the top of your cake? Oops, slice it off and cover in a sugar syrup. Two parts Sugar to One Part Water, dissolve over heat, let cool and spread on top of your cake with a brush. Great for keeping cakes moist. Then ice the cake as you usually would. Alternatively, slice the top off and flip it over and have your bottom your top and ice as per usual. 
Anyways here is the 20 min slice I was talking about. It takes, no joke, five mins to prepare and fifteen minutes to cook. I make this at least four or five times a week. With different variations.

1 Cup of Rolled Oats
1 Cup of Caster Sugar (ordinary sugar is fine)
1 Cup of Desiccated/Shredded Coconut
1 Cup of Self Raising Flour
1 Egg
125g melted butter
Good slurp of Golden Syrup, by this I mean squeeze the bottle and go around the bowl three times :)

Mix together and dump in a tin lined with baking paper, seriously any tin will do. 180 degrees 15 mins done. Cook till golden as I said, when still squishy take it out and let it cool. If you like your slices crunchy leave it in another five minutes or so. Also use the cheaper brands as above. It works out to about $2.00 something a slab when made.

The next awesome thing is, sooooo adaptable. Throw in sultanas, dried cranberries, raisins, chia seeds etc whatever you have on hand. Leave out the coconut for a nut free version. I am NO expert on allergies though, so please check this before sending to a nut free school. Whatever you add into it though, remember it's quite a wet mix so if you add more dry stuffs in I would add another 25g of melted butter.  Drizzle some melted choc across the top. Whatever floats your boat. 

I normally pour all the dry ingredients into a bowl before I do the school run, then when I get home melt the butter in the microwave for 20 seconds, turn the oven on, change the baby, kids change their school clothes, put it in the oven and by the time the kids are looking for something to eat it's done and ready to eat fresh outta the oven. 
I've also made this when unexpected visitors have turned up, by the time you put the kettle on and start having a nag, it's ready  for them to eat. 

Sunday, 6 May 2012


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Hello there! I've just joined the above, I have no idea how it works, but that's just my always reliable techy head on form ;) Would love it if you came along and followed me. Just another way to stay in touch with my awesomeness :) Total pun intended

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I Am Not The Sum of My Opinions

Linking up with the gorgeous Lee @ Mummy Issues Part 2 for her awesome topic, I Am Not The Sum of My Opinions 

Labour or Liberal - Labour all the way, always have always will be, I actually surprised myself recently as to how political I am. Use your vote people it's important 

Carbon Tax - Yes 

Mining Tax - Yes Clive Palmer you can kiss my arse with your billions 

Uranium Export - No

Asylum Seekers/ Refugees - I think the line is getting more blurry as the years go on as to what is a asylum seeker and what is not. I don't appreciate the homeless we already have get bumped on lists for housing in place of this. 

Climate Change - Absolutely, I can't remember the last time Qld had a proper winter, last year I think we donned a jumper once or twice. By the same token we have not had a true Qld summer either, we haven't reached a normal 40 degrees here for years. When I was younger, winter was bloody cold and summer was a scorcher. Not so much anymore. 

Wind Farms - Bring those on

Marriage Equality - FUCK YES 

Abortion - I am pro-choice.

Death Penalty - Mute point, it will never happen in my lifetime. But yes there are some extraordinary crimes that I believe the prosecuted should not get the privilege of living the remainder of their lives out. Having spoken to several prisoners once for a research project, they were quite happy to have done the crime knowing what the sentence would be. For them it was worth it. They have a unique way of thought. 

Organ Donation - Now this is a funny one. I was a definite no until I had children then my perception changed. So Yes
Contraception - From experience one type of contraception is never enough. Don't believe the hype :) 

Controlled Crying - Yes to a point. I let me little one go three or four minutes then I resettle her. This may go on once or twice and she's out like a light, rarely happens though she's a champion sleeper like her father 

Sleep Training - Dunno what it is to be honest 

Smacking - Yes, I have smacked but the guilt after is not worth it, this goes for yelling, I use to be a yeller until I heard a lil person say my words back, that ended that. I give myself the 10 second rule on both counts now. I turn my back or walk away and count to ten before I continue. 99% of the time my anger has abated. 

Swearing - I am the combination love child of Chopper Reid and Bea from Prisoner :)

North or South of the River - South, this too happens in Qld. I can't stand Northside of the River until you get to the Sunshine Coast. I never travel over the bridge unless going to the Airport. That's how much I dislike it. It's like a whole other country OVER THERE.
Life After Death - I believe your soul continues on to the next life. The circle begins again. I think that's why all our babies eyes are so wise. They've all been here before and more so as the centuries continue. 

Football Code - ARL.

Football Team - Tigers all the way since I was about 3 years old and they were Balmain Tigers. 

Netball or Basketball - Netball 
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