Monday, 2 April 2012

My First Ever Vlog

Linking up for my first ever Vlog Party with Sharon from Funken Wagnel, her party can be found by clicking the button on the Left side of the page, yep over there.
Never done a Vlog before so it's a virgin experience on both counts :)

Well without further ado, here I am, please excuse well most of it really, I had no idea what I was doing, really should have put my glasses on not just on top of my head

Thanks for watching :)


  1. Achoo You is a brilliant name! I always find it memorable. I think you did great with your first vlog and so pleased you joined in, especially during such a busy week in blog world.

    One thing I love about watching people's vlogs is that you get to 'meet' them in a much  more personal way. Lovely to meet you this way, Achoo You:)

  2. Loved that so much! I love your blog name. Lovely to hear and see you. I am still too woosy to vlog.... Maybe one day. xx

  3. You are SUCH A LEGEND beth!

    We would get along so famously, I think that of a lot of people within the blogosphere!

    How do you do a vlog?! I really need to figure this out!

    Chez xx

  4. Yayyyyy I got so excited to actually see you almost like totally in person. You are just as fab as I thought you would be and Achoo You totally friggin rocks hun. xxx

  5. Bless you Beth.  No really, bless you! Or as you say, Achoo You.  And Disqus needs to learn some manners too since it eats every one of your comments! xxx

  6. It didn't suck, I thought it was cool! Even almost inspired me to do a vlog....almost ;)


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