Thursday, 19 April 2012

Time for Anonymous to Reveal Yourself

I think the time of anonymous comments should come to an end.
If you think your commenting anonymously your sadly mistaken. Two clicks of Google application and your IP address that is logged with each comment can be tracked to previous IP addresses used on that blog.
What? You thought you were being incredibly sneaky creating a junk hotmail account and using that instead. Tut Tut how foolish do you think bloggers are.
I guarantee 99% of anonymous comments are not random people who happen to stumble upon your blog at that very minute you post something they disagree with. They are regular followers who don't want to out themselves as a troll or a bitch whichever may apply.
So...Anonymous next time you decide to unleash on a blogger in a post but then love them in the previous post and possibly the one after under your real name you can and will be FOUND OUT.
If it was me, I would totally call you out on it and NAME and SHAME you. Other bloggers are far nicer than I am. (I totally know Clare will be shaking her head saying "if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all)
This is my view. If you strongly disagree with someone enough to write a rant about their post then you should have no problem putting your real name to it. I have disagreed with bloggers I adore and have had no problem in stating my opinion when asked for. As long as you state your opinion in a articulate polite manner, I don't imagine any blogger is going to mind. Especially if they called for thoughts or comments. Normally the topic is quite controversial and the blogger will welcome a healthy debate.
If your commenting on something really trivial, really ??? why bother??
Opinions are like arseholes, we all have one. If we all agreed in the world that would make a pretty shit place to live in my humble opinion.
Here's some tips from me
  • Okay so you disagree with a blog post and/or find it offensive
  • Walk away from the post and give it ten minutes 
  • If you still feel strongly about it, write down what you want to say
  • Still feel strongly? Read it back to yourself, do you sound like a wanker? 
  • You do? Screw up the piece of paper and throw it in the bin along with the negativity 
  • You don't? Then make your comment, with your REAL NAME. Cause if we have got to this step then you should have no problem standing behind your OWN opinion 
This is the most important part, BLOGS on the most part are personal. They are taking the time to share their thoughts and emotions with you. IT'S A FRICKEN PRIVILEGE that you are able to read these.
So next time really think about what your putting out there, because what you put out into the world of Karma you get back ten fold.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Something In The Water

What the heck is going on in the blogging world in the last week?
With shock and dismay I witnessed via my facebook feed a blogger have a very public feud with a another blogger, well it was one sided as one blogger didn't come to the party but as it was playing out and the trolls and lurkers came to add fuel to the fire, as quick as the status's were going up they were being deleted. So there was confusion as to what the heck was going on. What did I do? block and delete. I watch Revenge for my drama fix thanks very much.
Then I read an article that upset four of my favorite bloggers. Members of our blogging COMMUNITY. Some were quoted out of context, others well they were just blatantly lied about. Lies that have bigger ramifications than oops. Eden HAS not fallen off the recovery wagon for 7 months, it was one weekend in February. The inference that she is a NOW a loving mother is beyond insulting. She's always been a loving mother. Naomi's father is alive and has not passed as reported. The dismay family members must have felt reading that is immeasurable. It breaks my heart these beautiful souls are hurting. Unnecessarily. They own their words, they share what they want and keep private what they want, we love them warts and all. They deserved better.
It gives me a heavy heart that this may change how they blog and express their voice.
Eden I was most concerned about, her inner demons that will feed off this. I stand in front you demons and say "Get Fucked" leave our girl alone.
I went about my day trying to get the article out of my head, but alas it was not to be.
Shelley from My Shoe Box Life has decided to step away from blogging because she no longer feels she can have a voice with IRL influences."I’ve spent so long trying  to find my voice, and when you have a blog and you still can’t speak, sometimes it just makes things a whole lot harder." 
This broke me literally, I cried very salty tears. Shelley was one of the first to ever comment on my blog and show her support. Since then she has become someone I hold very dear. A friendship that will continue away from blogging. But it sucks big blue ones that my dear friend can no longer use her voice, her words, her outlet.
Bloggers are a community, the whole reason I started blogging. Something was lacking and having the ability to put words out there, whether anyone reads them or not, was exactly what I needed.
I feel like some nasty gang has entered our community and is picking us off one by one. I won't let you gang, your not welcome here, let this community have their voices.
They change lives YO

For My Friend

Monday, 2 April 2012

My First Ever Vlog

Linking up for my first ever Vlog Party with Sharon from Funken Wagnel, her party can be found by clicking the button on the Left side of the page, yep over there.
Never done a Vlog before so it's a virgin experience on both counts :)

Well without further ado, here I am, please excuse well most of it really, I had no idea what I was doing, really should have put my glasses on not just on top of my head

Thanks for watching :)

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