Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Liquid Gold

Now I have a list. A wanted list. Of the good kind.
As I read through my feeder each morning whilst grabbing my ten minutes alone time with my trusty coffee, I have my list next to me.
As I read through amazing blogs and their recommendations I add items to my wanted list.
The list is specifically full of items that are luxuries for me. I am on a strict budget, so most of the items have been on there for awhile i.e the Ipad 2 3.
If you haven't met the styling guru that is Nikki Parkinson you can find her over here Styling You, each week Nikki gives you some new or must have items she has tried and tested, normally with great real pics to compliment these goodies.
I have a number of items on my list from her recommendations. What I love is that she always includes items that are reasonably priced for the budget conscience girl. These go straight on the ever growing "Mumma Wants".
Previously I have talked about the Garner BB cream Goodbye 2011 and how utterly life changing that was, it has now become a vital part of my morning ritual. That and lip balm but if you have a must have lip balm you use daily I would love to hear about it as I am on the hunt for a new one.
The other is Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment. Nikki talks about it over here The Good Oil. I was lucky enough to score this baby on special at Woolies this week for $7.50.

Liquid gold ladies, liquid gold. I have what I lovingly refer to as horse hair. Seriously. My mane is super coarse and thick. I have used this product twice and it is very close to feeling like my hair has been under the straightener for ten minutes. Not even seen the heat from a blow dryer or straightener and it is manageable, reasonably straight and super shiny. 
Another awesome buy I can cross off the list. 
This is what I do, I keep the list with me and have the price brackets next to each item, so when I am out and about and see these items on special I swoop them up. 
What's been your "score" of the week? 


  1. Mummy Issues Part 220 March 2012 at 21:00

    I got Coles long grain rice for $1 a kilo! Seriously. Geez I am a sad individual!

    Actually I bought myself a gorgeous bright green jumper from Sussan. Not on sale though, does that count?

  2. Ooh I shall look out for this one! I went onto BB from your recommendation and haven't looked back. I'm using Palmers Cocoa Butter Dark Chocolate and Peppermint and Dark Chocolate and Cherry lip balms that I scored on special at Priceline in a gift pack for $4! They normally sell about $4.50 each at the supermarket. They are my absolute must have guilt free pleasures. The smell alone makes you think you've just eaten the most amazing chocolate, and they are super soft on the lips. Love! xx

  3. $1 that is a bargain!! Jumper totally counts cause it was something just for you, that you normally wouldn't spoil yourself with. That's a "SCORE" Lee totally :)

  4. I gotta get me some of that I tell ya. Thanks for the tip gorgeous. Now why are your posts not showing up in my reader?? Have you changed something? xx

  5. what a great idea beth! and enjoy your liquid gold - i wish i had thick hair many days...

  6. Ooooh you gotta get some hunni, no I've not changed anything, well not that I know of but we all know how technological I am :) 

  7. Handy for controlling the curly sue curls Deb xx 


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