Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Liquid Gold

Now I have a list. A wanted list. Of the good kind.
As I read through my feeder each morning whilst grabbing my ten minutes alone time with my trusty coffee, I have my list next to me.
As I read through amazing blogs and their recommendations I add items to my wanted list.
The list is specifically full of items that are luxuries for me. I am on a strict budget, so most of the items have been on there for awhile i.e the Ipad 2 3.
If you haven't met the styling guru that is Nikki Parkinson you can find her over here Styling You, each week Nikki gives you some new or must have items she has tried and tested, normally with great real pics to compliment these goodies.
I have a number of items on my list from her recommendations. What I love is that she always includes items that are reasonably priced for the budget conscience girl. These go straight on the ever growing "Mumma Wants".
Previously I have talked about the Garner BB cream Goodbye 2011 and how utterly life changing that was, it has now become a vital part of my morning ritual. That and lip balm but if you have a must have lip balm you use daily I would love to hear about it as I am on the hunt for a new one.
The other is Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment. Nikki talks about it over here The Good Oil. I was lucky enough to score this baby on special at Woolies this week for $7.50.

Liquid gold ladies, liquid gold. I have what I lovingly refer to as horse hair. Seriously. My mane is super coarse and thick. I have used this product twice and it is very close to feeling like my hair has been under the straightener for ten minutes. Not even seen the heat from a blow dryer or straightener and it is manageable, reasonably straight and super shiny. 
Another awesome buy I can cross off the list. 
This is what I do, I keep the list with me and have the price brackets next to each item, so when I am out and about and see these items on special I swoop them up. 
What's been your "score" of the week? 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Easter and Religion

With Easter coming up it has me thinking about religion and what exactly it is I am teaching my kids. 
I am not religious in anyway shape or form. My parents are not either. So I never learnt about anything religious when I was growing up.When it came to RE (Religious Education) at school I was sent out of the room. No help there. My daughter had RE in Prep but then they stopped it due to opposing religions and not being PC enough. No help there. I openly admit I have no clue about any of it. Only bits and pieces that I have read or heard about along the way. This is something I don't want to pass onto my children. I want them to make informed choices, whether they have faith of their own or not. I want them to have an understanding of all religions and find what suits them, what they believe in. Just because I have none doesn't mean they shouldn't. 
So at the moment all I am teaching them is that Mummy and Daddy get a four day weekend and it's open slather on the chocolate front. I have done the Easter Egg hunts, they get a new plush bunny every year etc etc. I feel like a commercial fraud. Just buying into the good stuff. I had the same guilt over Christmas.
For what ever reason it's just not sitting right with me. Why do we celebrate Easter? What is it all about? 
Do you celebrate Easter for religious reasons or for the cuteness of it? or both? What are your traditions? 
Please believe me when I say I am genuine when I say I literally have no clue about any kind of religion on any level. I do however have an open mind and recently cleaned ears. 
Tell me your beliefs, send me in the direction of information, suggest books for teaching my children 

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