Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What The Hell Are Fruit and Vegetables?

There are big changes going around here. HUGE in fact. I had been trolling around some blogs catching up on my RSS reader and had a heap to read of gorgeous and talented Veggie Mama. The first that popped up was her Wonton Soup.
Off I went to purchase said ingredients. Now I have not been fresh fruit and veg shopping for a long long long time. There was no point. Stretch won't touch them and my eldest daughter refused to eat them (fussy eater doesn't even describe) so it was just for me and I got to the point where I just couldn't be bothered. I had frozen tucked away for when I did crave some but that was it.
As Miss A has just started solids, I had realised I was missing something. So I was inspired and on a mission. Three hours later and $80 lighter I had an array of fresh goodies.
I embarked on the soup as a starter, I would have taken pics of the finished product but it was gone before I could. Which is a good sign right? I did post on instagram a photo of all my wontons. Which let me tell you I was a wonton virtuoso by the end.

My apologies for the above photo I am no food photographer, I bow my head in shame Stacey and Peggy and all you foodie geniuses

It was also super easy to make two different types as well. Stretch is a carnivore, so I made his with pork mince. Delicious, mouthwatering and moreish are just some words to describe this taste sensation. Added bonus, not a Vampire in sight after my garlic overload. What it did was spark some serious taste buds around here, which have not seen some action in a long arse time. I was on a roll I then made sweet potato gnocchi and stir fry and so on and so on for the remainder of the weekend and have continued on this week. All was consumed by everyone!!! I have only just run out of fresh goodness. Five days and two meals a day for $80 is pretty darn good let me tell you. I would have spent at least double that on daily incidental trips to the shops.
Now this is a bad habit we have got into, stopping daily or at the least every second day to buy groceries. Expensive!!!!!! On top of doing my essentials shop once a week at Aldi, I can hear you tsking from here :)
I am planning another trip on Saturday, as this change is here to stay people. I already know Chez from A Baby Called Max is collating a recipe stash. My lips are smacking together just thinking about it. Miss A will be thrilled as well as her eyes are just popping with her mashed sensations.


  1. Hurrah! I too had a fruit+veg free time, but since I rediscovered them they really are here to stay! 
    Congrats :D

  2. Thanks Zoe!! I am much more energized this week :)

  3. Mummy Issues Part 210 March 2012 at 22:27

    They look amazing. Good on you for getting your cook on. I must check out Veggie Mama's blog, have heard great things. xx


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