Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vision Board

For your viewing pleasure here is a printable I created for myself  last night :)
Feel free to steal ;) 

Deb's Week 7 SYL12 Week 7  talks about vision boards, the above are the phrases that I coined to really work on. I steered away from material things because I have learnt in the past that I get too caught up in what the latest is, therefor material items are no longer on my priority list. That was one of my achievements last year. This year it's all about balancing myself :)


  1. beth! this is so awesome! I love it! Esp Breathe - When I think I can not. 
    ima print this - love that people can make printables - one day, i too will learn :) 

  2. Love it, consider it stolen lol. Have a fabulous weekend Hun xx

  3. Ah, the simple, yet important things. I love it, what a great idea

  4. Deep breaths was one of the things on my vision board as well! It is a great vision board- I love it!

  5. you know i love it right? - dance when i feel like it - love! i hope you get the urge in the middle of woolies and brighten someone's day!


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