Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What The Hell Are Fruit and Vegetables?

There are big changes going around here. HUGE in fact. I had been trolling around some blogs catching up on my RSS reader and had a heap to read of gorgeous and talented Veggie Mama. The first that popped up was her Wonton Soup.
Off I went to purchase said ingredients. Now I have not been fresh fruit and veg shopping for a long long long time. There was no point. Stretch won't touch them and my eldest daughter refused to eat them (fussy eater doesn't even describe) so it was just for me and I got to the point where I just couldn't be bothered. I had frozen tucked away for when I did crave some but that was it.
As Miss A has just started solids, I had realised I was missing something. So I was inspired and on a mission. Three hours later and $80 lighter I had an array of fresh goodies.
I embarked on the soup as a starter, I would have taken pics of the finished product but it was gone before I could. Which is a good sign right? I did post on instagram a photo of all my wontons. Which let me tell you I was a wonton virtuoso by the end.

My apologies for the above photo I am no food photographer, I bow my head in shame Stacey and Peggy and all you foodie geniuses

It was also super easy to make two different types as well. Stretch is a carnivore, so I made his with pork mince. Delicious, mouthwatering and moreish are just some words to describe this taste sensation. Added bonus, not a Vampire in sight after my garlic overload. What it did was spark some serious taste buds around here, which have not seen some action in a long arse time. I was on a roll I then made sweet potato gnocchi and stir fry and so on and so on for the remainder of the weekend and have continued on this week. All was consumed by everyone!!! I have only just run out of fresh goodness. Five days and two meals a day for $80 is pretty darn good let me tell you. I would have spent at least double that on daily incidental trips to the shops.
Now this is a bad habit we have got into, stopping daily or at the least every second day to buy groceries. Expensive!!!!!! On top of doing my essentials shop once a week at Aldi, I can hear you tsking from here :)
I am planning another trip on Saturday, as this change is here to stay people. I already know Chez from A Baby Called Max is collating a recipe stash. My lips are smacking together just thinking about it. Miss A will be thrilled as well as her eyes are just popping with her mashed sensations.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vision Board

For your viewing pleasure here is a printable I created for myself  last night :)
Feel free to steal ;) 

Deb's Week 7 SYL12 Week 7  talks about vision boards, the above are the phrases that I coined to really work on. I steered away from material things because I have learnt in the past that I get too caught up in what the latest is, therefor material items are no longer on my priority list. That was one of my achievements last year. This year it's all about balancing myself :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fresh Horses Brigade - Funeral

This week on Fresh Horses Brigade brought to you by Ginger Snaps, still snorting in laughter at that pic Eden, freaking funny stuff, Ginger Snaps can be found there.

This week on Fresh Horses it's Funeral Song. without doubt it will be

Then when everyone is all teary and weeping and wondering how they will ever go on,

Everybody who has ever met me my entire life will systematically start bobbing their heads and go and visit some live gig somewhere and rock their socks off. Nobody gives the same vibe as Zeppelin

Forever rock on Brothers and Sisters

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Customising Your Iphone

Brought to you by she who takes a million years to figure techy stuff out :)

Probably something you all knew how to do already, but I thought it was cool. A quick way to have your most frequented websites at the touch of a button. Awesomeness :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Linky Tools

For all the ladies and gents who are familiar with linky tools, there is now a tool called Linky Followers. A great alternative considering Google Friend Connect finishes on March 1st. All my favourite things to do are over there, blog roll, grouping etc. Check it out and follow me :) My new button is over there to the right :)

Linky Followers

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Would You Grant A Last Wish

I was so fortunate to have a close relationship to my grandparents on my mothers side. Blessed even. I've had this typed for a while but couldn't hit publish because it hurts...alot...still... nearly five years later.
My Grandfather was a larger than life man. Huge in frame and personality. He and my Grandmother lived life to the fullest.  It was always cocktail hour and the door was always open, your stomach was always full and you laughed till you cried ALWAYS.
When he was in his sixties he changed...forever. Pop was diagnosed with diabetes. It was crushing, shocking, so many emotions. It was also the eighties, diabetes was unknown to a lot of people. Facts were not widely available. He was angry, very angry and very bitter. Literally overnight all the favourite things in life were gone. No more gigantic dinners and desserts that would feed three, no more drinking, he was bitter. Within the first year he dropped close to 50kg. He was bitter.
My Mum and I went to the library to research information to try and help him. As I said information and awareness were not prominent in the eighties of this condition. The nineties roll around the gorgeous internet changed all of that. I had cookbooks sent from the US, special sweets sent from the UK.. He was bitter.
Over the next five years he got worse, a lot worse, he had numerous strokes. Each one taking a little more of him away each time. He could no longer do things for himself and relied on my grandmother for everything.
When I got my licence I drove the two hour drive there and back, once a week. To take them to the doctors, do their grocery shopping, washing whatever was there to be done. You see at first everyone used to drive down to see him, to give Nan a break, but then his bitterness and hatred of the world took it's toll on them. They stayed away, when they did call or visit he would berate them with "you never call", answer "I called you last week Dad/Pop" , he "oh you call that a phone call" and so on. He had three sons, one daughter, eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. Two would visit consistently, my mother and I.
With each stroke came the inevitable phone call, come quickly they don't think he will make it through. He always did. I was always raked with what if he doesn't and I never say goodbye? I always drove the two hours to be told he'll be okay and to hug my Nan so tight. As the years went on, he got worse and Nan got older. She had made a promise to him though that she would never put him in a home, he would always be looked after.
We were down staying for the weekend for my daughters 3rd birthday. Nan was tired, so so tired. She was snippy, she was never snippy. We drove home on the Sunday with nagging cloud around us. On the Wednesday I called to say Hi. Nan was sick, she had a cold and didn't feel well. I told her to go to the doctor but she didn't want to leave him for that long, so I said I'll leave work early on Friday and come down and take you. Okay she says. My Nan had passed away by Friday morning. It turns out she actually had Pneumonia, which took it's toll and caused a massive stroke and she was gone. For me, the world changed forever that day. I idolized her. She was so fun, warm, kind, the best. She was gone. It was such a shock to everyone that no one thought of the consequences. Drowning in their grief, getting through as best we could, hanging on by mere thread. Reality hit within days. Who was going to care for Pop? The boys tried to convince him that they would find a nice home but it devastated him and caused him such distress. He couldn't cope, he was grieving his wife of 63 years. So with much to and fro, it was decided he would live downstairs at my Uncle's but someone else had to come look after him. So my Mum and I took it in turns. My Mum doesn't drive so I drive her everywhere anyways. I would work nights, come home get little one ready for kindy, go over and look after Pop till Mum came in the afternoon with Dad, go pick little one up from kindy, sleep for a few hours, work, kindy, Pop, kindy and so the cycle would go.
He got progressively worse, till he needed a machine to breathe. Tuesday morning, I call the ambulance, a lovely lady and her partner arrive. She holds my hand "Love, there is nothing more we can do for him, we can take him to the hospital but he won't come home". I call everyone immediately, what do I do? I asked Pop "Do you want to stay here", "Please" is all he said. I remember thinking at the time, I've never heard Pop say please, ever. The lovely lady left a few hours later and it was just he and I for awhile whilst everyone else finished their days and made their way over. He looked at me and said "This is it huh", I said "Yep"
He asked for one last thing......a cigarette. I said "Are you mental?" He laughed and laughed. So I did I lit that cigarette and he sucked back on it, coughing the remaining lung up I swear but he was happy so very very happy. He probably had two puffs and that was it. I put it out and we sat in silence for the rest of the afternoon. Then it was a blur of people. By 9am the next morning, he was gone. Gone to his beautiful wife waiting for him in paradise.
What made me write about this? My baby is the spitting image of him, he had a habit of rubbing his hands together, even when asleep and she does the exact same thing. She is five months old today and I love to believe that apart of him was born within her and so they live on.
What would you do? Would you grant someone their last wish even though it was probably medically incorrect and morally iffy.? I did and would a heartbeat.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

In My Spare Time ...Cough Cough

In my spare time,  more accurately, when everyone is asleep, I have been working on the following few things. As some of you might know I have been trying to teach myself how to crochet. I can knit so surely crochet can not be that hard....I was so mistaken! I have been practicing on dozens of "Granny Squares" and what finally made the penny drop, if I hold the crochet hook like a knitting needle, I am good to go. Not conventional but then I am not really am I ......So just a few pics, 

How have you all been? Drop me a line, tweet me, holla at me on Facey 

It's huge, I am not a fan of the j-rolls that you buy over the counter, because they are far too small to carry all my jewels in. So I made one extra extra long :)

The baby loves having her head measured again and again and again. NOT 

And finally to carry all my woolly crap in 
That's about it for now..... I have a bit of a deep post I am working on at the moment...hopefully I can hit send on it in a couple of days 

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