Thursday, 12 January 2012

Talk To Me About Hair Colouring

Ladies come talk to me about at home hair colouring.....

Gasp!!! My hairdresser has moved to over 2 hours drive away and I am in desperate need of a hair colour. I am just not ready to sport the grey nomad look. Hunting a new hairdresser who knows my hair and understands it's complexities is just not an option at the moment....sooooo

What brands do you use?? What is your favourite colour?
Some colours I am loving sick right now

And we all know that I would totally look like this if I had these colours....right? 


  1. how funny i was just about to throw out my hair colour box but got distracted!!  i put a schhwarzkopf brilliance (no 68 chocolate rush) in last friday and i am pretty happy with the colour, it really stunk putting it on but i hadnt coloured my hair in about a year before that so maybe i forgot what they smell like!!  i would love to try one of the colour mousses but my supermarket didnt have a colour i liked!! 

  2. Ohh that sounds lovely!! Anything with the word chocolate has to be good huh ;) I've seen those mousses and wondered if they might be a bit lightweight for permanent colour... I have super thick hair, gosh so many choices, I mean look how much room they take up in the aisle at the supermarket !!!

  3. My advice?

    Whatever colour you love on the pack ...

    Go a god damn shade or two lighter!

    Because it's been my experience that 'chocolate brown' ends up as 'gothic emo suicide looking black' !!!!! lol.

    That's my only advice man.

    Good luck xx

  4. I have never dyed my hair as i am too low maintenance to commit to anything like that. i do like both those hair pics though...

  5. Never ????????????? Omg Deb you are blessed with good genes. I have a lovely salt and pepper look going on in the root area at the moment! 

  6. i got my first grey hair this time last year at 38. i get a few every month or so and have hubby pull them out if he sees them. i plan to go grey gradually and accept it (fingers crossed) - my sister got different genes and has had to die her hair since her 20s or she would be grey - but she got the big boobs 

  7. Loreal Auburn - used it since I went brown 12 months ago and love it....for now ;) xx

    1. Pffffft I've seen the photos missy, you look fantastic with any colour!!!

  8. have to say i have not been game enough to try the home colouring... ohh actually i did when i was about 18/.... hehe . Now = low maintenance and no colour... that might change soon enough i am sure :) 


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