Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Kmart Kitchen Gadget Review

This blogging gig is incredibly hard sometimes. I mean really tough going. Like when you are selected by Kidspot Mums Say to review Kmart Kitchen Gadgets. I mean really, me? kitchen gadgets? Bahahhahaha I know it's like they saw straight into my heart. I have draws of this stuff, well did have. You see once you have children that disappears. You will find all your favorite utensils and measuring cups etc in the sandpit or bath.
Lets just have a look at my haul shall we?

Here are the listed items
Avocado Keeper 
Cupcake Keeper x 2 
Egg Timer 
Dish Brush 
Scrub Brush
Measuring Spoons 
Mini Whisk 
Silicone Cupcake Molds  
Ice Cream Scoop 

Now you may think these items are just for your kitchen and for it's intended purpose. WRONG
I actually got the egg timer for the bathroom to time our teeth brushing.
Ice Cream scoop is for filling cupcakes. It is by far the easiest option and gives the correct amount each time.
Measuring spoons is for the craft room to measure out the glitter and glue mixes.

By far these are my two favourite items. I make cupcakes weekly for school. I have adapted a version that is Gluten Free and Sugar Free and is loved around here. Mostly because I haven't told them that I changed it to the afore mentioned. Shhhh we all have our little secrets :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cheater Chicken

As most of you have gathered by now I am totally a cheater in regards to food and craft. I try and find the simplest way of doing things.
This recipe below is a firm favourite in our house
I Cup Powdered Milk
2 Cups Water
Organic Chicken Breast
Oil to Fry off
Yep you absolutely read that correctly. I don't waste the good milk over here. Saving that little bit extra dosh here and there with these tricks allows me to be able to buy organic.
Nor do I fluff about with flour and eggs for crumbing.
Mix your powdered milk with your water and whisk together till creamy.
Dice/Slice your chicken pieces and let soak in the milk.
Coat in your breadcrumbs and allow at least an hour in the fridge for the crumbs to settle.
Fry off in a little oil. DONE

The chicken is soooo moist it practically falls apart. Another version I do is coat in natural or greek yoghurt and coat with breadcrumbs.
I then slice it up and mix with, shredded carrot, beetroot, baby spinach and grated cheese. For the love of god, please grate your own cheese, the grated cheese you buy is full of nasties. Some ranch dressing and GET IN MY BELLY

What shortcuts do you take? I would love to hear about them

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Random Acts of Zen

Have you met Lisa from Zen Designs, she's the shizzle. Beautiful inside and out. I love designing women, those that create gorgeous things amaze and inspire me daily. I'll wait while you go and drool and damage the credit card :)
See this piece

Lisa had this piece up for feedback on her Facebook page, errr feedback schmeedback for $32 inc postage that silver baby was mine. (they will be available on site shortly) or if you email her really really nicely and tell her I sent you with high fives she MAY be able to sort you out ;)
Along with this precious baby came these

Charms from her blog Random Acts of Zen
It's all about passing on good karma. You know I am all about good karma, so I have 3 to pass on. Otherwise you can contact and share your good karma. Please email me your postal address if you would like to be part of this awesome movement xx

*** This is NOT a sponsored post I just think Lisa deserves some good karma for her gorgeousness x

Thursday, 2 August 2012

DIY Basket

Ever been stuck for wrapping or need a last minute alternative?

I have such a quick and easy basket for you.

All you need is a 12 x 12 piece of thick scrapbook paper or even your kids cardboard!
Glue or double sided tape
Hole punch

You then cut the 12 x 12 in half

The stick one half across the other with either glue or double sided tape

You can trim the ends of if you want but as it's going to be on the inside I didn't bother, this is supposed to be quick not fiddly.

Fold your sides up and start hole punching your corners

Join your corners with ribbon

Then place whatever you have inside. I added cellophane because I buy it by the roll but you don't have to go that far.

Your done!! Five minutes tops!!!!
This is a joke present for my sister who rang me at 2am to drive 40 mins to change a fuse! Use a freakin candle sista

Hope your all having a better week than last xxx

Thursday, 26 July 2012

DIY Shellac

Hello there!!! It's been awhile since I posted. I'll be honest it's been shit around here lately. Tumors have been popping up all over the shop, most recently my jaw which has left me with a drop to the left side of my mouth, much like a stroke and my speech is now impeded like one as well.
Needless to say I have been feeling very down on myself and how I look.
So I took myself off to the hairdressers and had it all cut off and went mad on eBay :)

I had a old UV lamp from years ago doing my own nails so I purchased base coat, shellac and topcoat. So I dropped two lobsters ($40) on that lot and did my own shellac.

All you need to do is apply the base coat and cure under lamp for 3 mins, apply the shellac and cure for 3 mins extra coat if you want and top coat for 3 mins. Then wipe off the sticky top coat with remover. DONE

So proud of myself just saved myself about $350 in the next three months.
When I want to change colour or get sick of them I will just soak them in remover in these lil babies I picked up on EBay

There is nothing like a haircut and nails to bring a spring back in your swagger :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Offspring...Isn't That The 90's Band?

I have a confession....
I haven't bought into the whole "Offspring" phenomenon. I have several reasons, the most important one is I don't like the lead actress, at all. I actually have to switch channels even if it is just a promo on TV. Ridiculous isn't it. That a person could dislike someone so passionately, yet never met them. An actor no less. Hello they are paid to play a character. I don't mind others posting about it or hearing on the interwebs about outfits etc, I love to hear or see what's on trend. The truth of the matter is, since an award show several years ago when I noticed her giving everyone that walked past her table the up and down stare with the turn of the shoulder. Instant dislike and it's stayed with me ever since. Crazy I tell you CRAY CRAY
The other band wagon I am firmly not on is, brace yourself ladies, 50 Shades of Grey. It does not interest me in the slightest. My mother is begging me to get the e-books for her, which gives me a massive EWWWWW factor.
I like my books BIG. Normally no less than 300 or 400 pages (see below)

I also like them OLD. I have a whole collection of 18th and 19th century books I adore. For the language alone, it's like reading a foreign language. There is an innocence to the writing. 
A book needs to take me to a whole other place. Tell me a story about all the characters, go into great detail. I loathe novels that tell you a story about the main characters only and leave you wondering about the others, leaving you with more questions than answers. 
One of my favourite authors is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of Sherlock Holmes fame. If you ever get a chance read some of his other works that don't involve Sherlock. He was a wonderful writer. 
Most importantly you may require two hands to lift it. Very technical I know! 

That's just me. I understand others that love shorter novels, that are just a break away from reality. I get it I really do.
I also am dragging my feet kicking and screaming to move over to e-readers. I love my books, the smell of the pages of an old or new book, is just divine. You can smell history people. It shall be an ancient art, page turning.

My most prized possession.....
A 1880 copy of Sense and Sensibility. I can't show a pic as it's a valuable piece of work and it's kept in a secure place.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Soft Votes and Standing United

Before I start on my ranty mcranty post, let me just say I loathe the term "mummy blogger". 
The BLOGGERS that I read are so much more than that. They are beautiful intelligent witty women who have something to say. Their lives are so much more than being a mother or not in some instances.
The Telegraph had an article recently Soft Vote about how the PM having morning tea with "mummy bloggers" and other media outlets.
There have been opinions that this was a strategic move on Julia's behalf, tapping into the soft vote etc.
I call BULLSHIT. Bullshit to the soft vote, bullshit to the politics.
Regardless of whom the party involved was, regardless of the strategy behind it, I was ecstatic to see BLOGGERS being taken seriously as a voice of this country.
BLOGGERS have something to say and the public listens. Does it sway their vote, I entirely doubt it.
If someone blogs about a certain party because they get a free biscuit I guarantee, readers won't run out and vote for that party. I certainly would be more likely to ask what the recipe was and did they filch the tea cup.
I call bullshit on the bloggers selling out on sponsored posts witch hunt. Peeps if you can get some cashola by writing, BRING THAT SHIT ON. If it keeps you in shoes and handbags I say, HELL YES.
Bloggers aren't selling out by doing sponsored posts, giveaways etc They are working for a living.
Last but by far least, Saturday was the day Instagram went down, I know, like losing a limb. I had the shakes and was thrown into sudden detox. Didn't stop me from trying to refresh, I dunno, every five minutes or so. As much as I love Woogs I got a bit over seeing her crawling around the carpet at Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 for 11 hours straight as my last photo showing on Instagram.
Oh yeah that was what else happened on Saturday. There was a blogging conference.
The one tweet that came through that really resonated with me, was a quote from Woogs speech, bloggers needing to stand together. (rough quote as I can't find the direct one, sorry)
My interpretation of that is not that we all need to be the same and do the same things but as a community support other bloggers in their pursuits. Not try and tear each other down at any given opportunity.  Nobody needs to blog about the same things nor have the same opinions, differing opinions make the world go round, we can however, disagree in a civil manner and not have a hate campaign.
There a bloggers I adore, who at time to time blog about something that I completely disagree with. So what!!! It doesn't make me dislike that blogger or change my opinion about how awesome they are. I just disagree with that particular blog post at that particular time. AND THAT'S OKAY.
 I know this has been covered before and I apologise, but I have only just got my shit together today to get a post out. Stupid health and babies getting in the way of a good blog post!! 
Bahhh life ;)

Monday, 25 June 2012

New Beginnings

Do you know what today is? It's my first official day as a SAHM.
The deadline for return from maternity leave was in a weeks time, so it was crunch time. I had ummmed and ahhhhhed enough over the last 3 months as to what I wanted to do. Stretch was supportive on whatever I chose. We are fortunate enough to be in a position where I don't have to work. Things will be tight, don't get me wrong but this family could do with a rewind on the little extras that keep occurring.
I really was torn as to what I wanted to do. I love working. I loved the responsibility and self importance to be honest. I held a prominent position in a Australia wide company. I worked my arse off to get there. I wasn't going to give that up easily. Stretch and I had discussed this previous to me even going on maternity leave. I was staunch in my opinion on going back full time.
Nine months has passed and I have made a complete turn about. I don't want to go back. I want to stay at home and experience all the little things I missed with my first. You see I had returned to work when Miss T was 3 months old and I missed  A LOT. I was so focused on bringing home the bacon and providing material bullshit, that I missed major milestones.
I don't want to do that again. I know myself better than anyone, even if I returned part time, my ego and self importance would take over and I would be working 50 hour weeks again in a millisecond.
I am a all or nothing kind of girl. So it's nothing for me. Until, you know school comes around in four years :)
How long this will last? I am not entirely sure. I know I need to do something. My brain needs exercising daily or I get bored and danger approaches when that happens. Study? maybe. Professional online shopper? quite possibly :)
I have watched Peggy over at Cake Crumbs Beach Sand, over the last few months evolve. My god did she inspire. To do what you may ask? LEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold a big arse breath and just leap.
I am confident we will be perfectly fine and I will fall into something that works. For this control freak that was a lot to let go. I have.

So my friends, be confident in yourself and just .......

Monday, 18 June 2012

Make Or Buy - Last Minute Costumes

Monday morning school run, teacher announces TOMORROW is Early Settler Day, costume dress is required!!!
I know WTF!!!
My mind immediately starts working overtime. What's in the wardrobes, dress up box or material in sewing room?
Time and cash poor, I remember I have striped material. Buying a outfit would require wrangling a cranky baby and ATM action, none of which interest me AT .ALL. EVER.
So for the last hour I have winged a convict outfit.
Knowing my eldest measurements is handy. So I've run up a quick shirt type piece and used her PJ bottoms a guide for the bottom half. Bit of dark makeup smudged around we will be good to go.

If you do have time I thoroughly recommend the below pattern. I use this one for all the family for PJ pants, play pants and shorten it for shorts as well. Super versatile!!

So what do you do when last minute costumes are needed? Are you a winger or rush buy?
Oh yeah and happy freaking Monday to that!!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mum Did A Bad Bad Thing

I've done the worst thing I think I can possibly do.

I compared

I compared my beautiful 9 month old baby with another and it was horrid and sent me in a tail spin and had me in tears. I brought the entire emotional meltdown on myself.

It was like a normal week. This week, however, when I went to pick up my other daughter from Karate as I do on a Wednesday evening, I wore my Uggs. Now I never normally wear them out in public but to my defense it was frigging cold and I rarely get out of the car on pick up. Of course this would be the one night Sensei wanted to speak to me. A million things ran through my head, as we have not been having the best time at the moment with my 9 year old. Attitude smatitude. She could give Pink a run for her money and have her crying in the fetal position within the hour.
So as I trudged up the pathway, quietly breaking into a cold sweat. this little boy comes tumbling over. That "I've just learnt to walk " move. You know the one. Where they start out slow and careful and then get a wind of confidence and get a run up. Grins up at me with FIVE teeth and says "ello". I nearly died of his cuteness of jeans and flannie shirt.

Then Sensei wonders over. "Sorry about that, he gets a bit cocky sometimes"
Me "Awww he's adorable how old is he?"
Sensei " 9 MONTHS"

Well the conversation that followed about something to do with tournaments and some ungodly fee that is required and new belts blah blah blah.

All my mind was thinking....9 Fucking Months. He has teeth, says more than Dadda and can walk.

My cheeky chops A has no teeth, has one word "dadda" and bum drags herself everywhere.

I came through the door fully expecting Miss A to be asleep, as I had left her, but no there she was sitting in the lounge room playing with Daddy. WTF I think, why is she not in bed and why is she playing. Daddy explains that she woke up full of beans so he decided to let her play for awhile.

That pushed me to edge. I silently went into the bathroom, in the dark and had a shower. A long long shower, crying silent tears into the water.

What the fuck was wrong with me. Miss A is perfect. A happy healthy bundle of typhoon. I don't even notice her birthmark on her face anymore until someone mentions it. Why was I comparing? What the hell did I think I was doing? The only explanation I have is the next morning I woke up surfing the crimson wave.

So Miss A, Mummy is very sorry she ever doubted your ability to be anything but awesome in your own way xx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday, 17 May 2012

One Cup Slice - 20 mins out of your day

Hello there my lovely friends, I've been a little quiet lately due to me killing accidentally spilling coffee on the old laptop, yes true to form I was my usual coordinated self.

So there is something I wanted to share with you, especially those that are little scared of baking. I am a baking fiend, I have baked as long as I can remember and trust me when I say, you can rarely do something wrong that can not be fixed. Over the years I have accumulated some hot tips in my lil pocket that I will share with you. Technical terms of course (NOT).

  • Fan forced cooks your baking quicker and hotter, turn it off when baking, or drop the recommended degrees by about 20.  
  •  The only thing I do not skimp on is good quality chocolate and butter when baking. No name brand works just as well on everything else. In fact I use normal chocolate, buy in bulk when on special and use that, I never buy less than 70% cocoa. 
  • No self raising flour, no problem, use one teaspoon of bi-carb per cup of plain flour needed. Sift a few times to get the air in there. 
  • I have powdered milk in the cupboard for such times that I don't have enough milk to make something, you CAN NOT taste the difference as it's being cooked. 
  • Not a fan of so much sugar? no problem, either use your preferred artificial sweetener (yuck) or half it and replace with a good dollop of honey. Honey mostly cooks itself out and you won't taste it. 
  • I always remove my baking whilst it's still squishy, when you remove baking and it's sits in a tray it continues to cook, most items can not be removed till cooled or it will loose shape etc, I remove mine from oven about five/ten minutes before due and leave it in tin to cool. You can always put it back in if too soft but burnt is burnt and bin it goes. 
  • Burnt the top of your cake? Oops, slice it off and cover in a sugar syrup. Two parts Sugar to One Part Water, dissolve over heat, let cool and spread on top of your cake with a brush. Great for keeping cakes moist. Then ice the cake as you usually would. Alternatively, slice the top off and flip it over and have your bottom your top and ice as per usual. 
Anyways here is the 20 min slice I was talking about. It takes, no joke, five mins to prepare and fifteen minutes to cook. I make this at least four or five times a week. With different variations.

1 Cup of Rolled Oats
1 Cup of Caster Sugar (ordinary sugar is fine)
1 Cup of Desiccated/Shredded Coconut
1 Cup of Self Raising Flour
1 Egg
125g melted butter
Good slurp of Golden Syrup, by this I mean squeeze the bottle and go around the bowl three times :)

Mix together and dump in a tin lined with baking paper, seriously any tin will do. 180 degrees 15 mins done. Cook till golden as I said, when still squishy take it out and let it cool. If you like your slices crunchy leave it in another five minutes or so. Also use the cheaper brands as above. It works out to about $2.00 something a slab when made.

The next awesome thing is, sooooo adaptable. Throw in sultanas, dried cranberries, raisins, chia seeds etc whatever you have on hand. Leave out the coconut for a nut free version. I am NO expert on allergies though, so please check this before sending to a nut free school. Whatever you add into it though, remember it's quite a wet mix so if you add more dry stuffs in I would add another 25g of melted butter.  Drizzle some melted choc across the top. Whatever floats your boat. 

I normally pour all the dry ingredients into a bowl before I do the school run, then when I get home melt the butter in the microwave for 20 seconds, turn the oven on, change the baby, kids change their school clothes, put it in the oven and by the time the kids are looking for something to eat it's done and ready to eat fresh outta the oven. 
I've also made this when unexpected visitors have turned up, by the time you put the kettle on and start having a nag, it's ready  for them to eat. 

Sunday, 6 May 2012


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hello there! I've just joined the above, I have no idea how it works, but that's just my always reliable techy head on form ;) Would love it if you came along and followed me. Just another way to stay in touch with my awesomeness :) Total pun intended

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I Am Not The Sum of My Opinions

Linking up with the gorgeous Lee @ Mummy Issues Part 2 for her awesome topic, I Am Not The Sum of My Opinions 

Labour or Liberal - Labour all the way, always have always will be, I actually surprised myself recently as to how political I am. Use your vote people it's important 

Carbon Tax - Yes 

Mining Tax - Yes Clive Palmer you can kiss my arse with your billions 

Uranium Export - No

Asylum Seekers/ Refugees - I think the line is getting more blurry as the years go on as to what is a asylum seeker and what is not. I don't appreciate the homeless we already have get bumped on lists for housing in place of this. 

Climate Change - Absolutely, I can't remember the last time Qld had a proper winter, last year I think we donned a jumper once or twice. By the same token we have not had a true Qld summer either, we haven't reached a normal 40 degrees here for years. When I was younger, winter was bloody cold and summer was a scorcher. Not so much anymore. 

Wind Farms - Bring those on

Marriage Equality - FUCK YES 

Abortion - I am pro-choice.

Death Penalty - Mute point, it will never happen in my lifetime. But yes there are some extraordinary crimes that I believe the prosecuted should not get the privilege of living the remainder of their lives out. Having spoken to several prisoners once for a research project, they were quite happy to have done the crime knowing what the sentence would be. For them it was worth it. They have a unique way of thought. 

Organ Donation - Now this is a funny one. I was a definite no until I had children then my perception changed. So Yes
Contraception - From experience one type of contraception is never enough. Don't believe the hype :) 

Controlled Crying - Yes to a point. I let me little one go three or four minutes then I resettle her. This may go on once or twice and she's out like a light, rarely happens though she's a champion sleeper like her father 

Sleep Training - Dunno what it is to be honest 

Smacking - Yes, I have smacked but the guilt after is not worth it, this goes for yelling, I use to be a yeller until I heard a lil person say my words back, that ended that. I give myself the 10 second rule on both counts now. I turn my back or walk away and count to ten before I continue. 99% of the time my anger has abated. 

Swearing - I am the combination love child of Chopper Reid and Bea from Prisoner :)

North or South of the River - South, this too happens in Qld. I can't stand Northside of the River until you get to the Sunshine Coast. I never travel over the bridge unless going to the Airport. That's how much I dislike it. It's like a whole other country OVER THERE.
Life After Death - I believe your soul continues on to the next life. The circle begins again. I think that's why all our babies eyes are so wise. They've all been here before and more so as the centuries continue. 

Football Code - ARL.

Football Team - Tigers all the way since I was about 3 years old and they were Balmain Tigers. 

Netball or Basketball - Netball 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Time for Anonymous to Reveal Yourself

I think the time of anonymous comments should come to an end.
If you think your commenting anonymously your sadly mistaken. Two clicks of Google application and your IP address that is logged with each comment can be tracked to previous IP addresses used on that blog.
What? You thought you were being incredibly sneaky creating a junk hotmail account and using that instead. Tut Tut how foolish do you think bloggers are.
I guarantee 99% of anonymous comments are not random people who happen to stumble upon your blog at that very minute you post something they disagree with. They are regular followers who don't want to out themselves as a troll or a bitch whichever may apply.
So...Anonymous next time you decide to unleash on a blogger in a post but then love them in the previous post and possibly the one after under your real name you can and will be FOUND OUT.
If it was me, I would totally call you out on it and NAME and SHAME you. Other bloggers are far nicer than I am. (I totally know Clare will be shaking her head saying "if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all)
This is my view. If you strongly disagree with someone enough to write a rant about their post then you should have no problem putting your real name to it. I have disagreed with bloggers I adore and have had no problem in stating my opinion when asked for. As long as you state your opinion in a articulate polite manner, I don't imagine any blogger is going to mind. Especially if they called for thoughts or comments. Normally the topic is quite controversial and the blogger will welcome a healthy debate.
If your commenting on something really trivial, really ??? why bother??
Opinions are like arseholes, we all have one. If we all agreed in the world that would make a pretty shit place to live in my humble opinion.
Here's some tips from me
  • Okay so you disagree with a blog post and/or find it offensive
  • Walk away from the post and give it ten minutes 
  • If you still feel strongly about it, write down what you want to say
  • Still feel strongly? Read it back to yourself, do you sound like a wanker? 
  • You do? Screw up the piece of paper and throw it in the bin along with the negativity 
  • You don't? Then make your comment, with your REAL NAME. Cause if we have got to this step then you should have no problem standing behind your OWN opinion 
This is the most important part, BLOGS on the most part are personal. They are taking the time to share their thoughts and emotions with you. IT'S A FRICKEN PRIVILEGE that you are able to read these.
So next time really think about what your putting out there, because what you put out into the world of Karma you get back ten fold.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Something In The Water

What the heck is going on in the blogging world in the last week?
With shock and dismay I witnessed via my facebook feed a blogger have a very public feud with a another blogger, well it was one sided as one blogger didn't come to the party but as it was playing out and the trolls and lurkers came to add fuel to the fire, as quick as the status's were going up they were being deleted. So there was confusion as to what the heck was going on. What did I do? block and delete. I watch Revenge for my drama fix thanks very much.
Then I read an article that upset four of my favorite bloggers. Members of our blogging COMMUNITY. Some were quoted out of context, others well they were just blatantly lied about. Lies that have bigger ramifications than oops. Eden HAS not fallen off the recovery wagon for 7 months, it was one weekend in February. The inference that she is a NOW a loving mother is beyond insulting. She's always been a loving mother. Naomi's father is alive and has not passed as reported. The dismay family members must have felt reading that is immeasurable. It breaks my heart these beautiful souls are hurting. Unnecessarily. They own their words, they share what they want and keep private what they want, we love them warts and all. They deserved better.
It gives me a heavy heart that this may change how they blog and express their voice.
Eden I was most concerned about, her inner demons that will feed off this. I stand in front you demons and say "Get Fucked" leave our girl alone.
I went about my day trying to get the article out of my head, but alas it was not to be.
Shelley from My Shoe Box Life has decided to step away from blogging because she no longer feels she can have a voice with IRL influences."I’ve spent so long trying  to find my voice, and when you have a blog and you still can’t speak, sometimes it just makes things a whole lot harder." 
This broke me literally, I cried very salty tears. Shelley was one of the first to ever comment on my blog and show her support. Since then she has become someone I hold very dear. A friendship that will continue away from blogging. But it sucks big blue ones that my dear friend can no longer use her voice, her words, her outlet.
Bloggers are a community, the whole reason I started blogging. Something was lacking and having the ability to put words out there, whether anyone reads them or not, was exactly what I needed.
I feel like some nasty gang has entered our community and is picking us off one by one. I won't let you gang, your not welcome here, let this community have their voices.
They change lives YO

For My Friend

Monday, 2 April 2012

My First Ever Vlog

Linking up for my first ever Vlog Party with Sharon from Funken Wagnel, her party can be found by clicking the button on the Left side of the page, yep over there.
Never done a Vlog before so it's a virgin experience on both counts :)

Well without further ado, here I am, please excuse well most of it really, I had no idea what I was doing, really should have put my glasses on not just on top of my head

Thanks for watching :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Liquid Gold

Now I have a list. A wanted list. Of the good kind.
As I read through my feeder each morning whilst grabbing my ten minutes alone time with my trusty coffee, I have my list next to me.
As I read through amazing blogs and their recommendations I add items to my wanted list.
The list is specifically full of items that are luxuries for me. I am on a strict budget, so most of the items have been on there for awhile i.e the Ipad 2 3.
If you haven't met the styling guru that is Nikki Parkinson you can find her over here Styling You, each week Nikki gives you some new or must have items she has tried and tested, normally with great real pics to compliment these goodies.
I have a number of items on my list from her recommendations. What I love is that she always includes items that are reasonably priced for the budget conscience girl. These go straight on the ever growing "Mumma Wants".
Previously I have talked about the Garner BB cream Goodbye 2011 and how utterly life changing that was, it has now become a vital part of my morning ritual. That and lip balm but if you have a must have lip balm you use daily I would love to hear about it as I am on the hunt for a new one.
The other is Dove Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment. Nikki talks about it over here The Good Oil. I was lucky enough to score this baby on special at Woolies this week for $7.50.

Liquid gold ladies, liquid gold. I have what I lovingly refer to as horse hair. Seriously. My mane is super coarse and thick. I have used this product twice and it is very close to feeling like my hair has been under the straightener for ten minutes. Not even seen the heat from a blow dryer or straightener and it is manageable, reasonably straight and super shiny. 
Another awesome buy I can cross off the list. 
This is what I do, I keep the list with me and have the price brackets next to each item, so when I am out and about and see these items on special I swoop them up. 
What's been your "score" of the week? 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Easter and Religion

With Easter coming up it has me thinking about religion and what exactly it is I am teaching my kids. 
I am not religious in anyway shape or form. My parents are not either. So I never learnt about anything religious when I was growing up.When it came to RE (Religious Education) at school I was sent out of the room. No help there. My daughter had RE in Prep but then they stopped it due to opposing religions and not being PC enough. No help there. I openly admit I have no clue about any of it. Only bits and pieces that I have read or heard about along the way. This is something I don't want to pass onto my children. I want them to make informed choices, whether they have faith of their own or not. I want them to have an understanding of all religions and find what suits them, what they believe in. Just because I have none doesn't mean they shouldn't. 
So at the moment all I am teaching them is that Mummy and Daddy get a four day weekend and it's open slather on the chocolate front. I have done the Easter Egg hunts, they get a new plush bunny every year etc etc. I feel like a commercial fraud. Just buying into the good stuff. I had the same guilt over Christmas.
For what ever reason it's just not sitting right with me. Why do we celebrate Easter? What is it all about? 
Do you celebrate Easter for religious reasons or for the cuteness of it? or both? What are your traditions? 
Please believe me when I say I am genuine when I say I literally have no clue about any kind of religion on any level. I do however have an open mind and recently cleaned ears. 
Tell me your beliefs, send me in the direction of information, suggest books for teaching my children 

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What The Hell Are Fruit and Vegetables?

There are big changes going around here. HUGE in fact. I had been trolling around some blogs catching up on my RSS reader and had a heap to read of gorgeous and talented Veggie Mama. The first that popped up was her Wonton Soup.
Off I went to purchase said ingredients. Now I have not been fresh fruit and veg shopping for a long long long time. There was no point. Stretch won't touch them and my eldest daughter refused to eat them (fussy eater doesn't even describe) so it was just for me and I got to the point where I just couldn't be bothered. I had frozen tucked away for when I did crave some but that was it.
As Miss A has just started solids, I had realised I was missing something. So I was inspired and on a mission. Three hours later and $80 lighter I had an array of fresh goodies.
I embarked on the soup as a starter, I would have taken pics of the finished product but it was gone before I could. Which is a good sign right? I did post on instagram a photo of all my wontons. Which let me tell you I was a wonton virtuoso by the end.

My apologies for the above photo I am no food photographer, I bow my head in shame Stacey and Peggy and all you foodie geniuses

It was also super easy to make two different types as well. Stretch is a carnivore, so I made his with pork mince. Delicious, mouthwatering and moreish are just some words to describe this taste sensation. Added bonus, not a Vampire in sight after my garlic overload. What it did was spark some serious taste buds around here, which have not seen some action in a long arse time. I was on a roll I then made sweet potato gnocchi and stir fry and so on and so on for the remainder of the weekend and have continued on this week. All was consumed by everyone!!! I have only just run out of fresh goodness. Five days and two meals a day for $80 is pretty darn good let me tell you. I would have spent at least double that on daily incidental trips to the shops.
Now this is a bad habit we have got into, stopping daily or at the least every second day to buy groceries. Expensive!!!!!! On top of doing my essentials shop once a week at Aldi, I can hear you tsking from here :)
I am planning another trip on Saturday, as this change is here to stay people. I already know Chez from A Baby Called Max is collating a recipe stash. My lips are smacking together just thinking about it. Miss A will be thrilled as well as her eyes are just popping with her mashed sensations.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vision Board

For your viewing pleasure here is a printable I created for myself  last night :)
Feel free to steal ;) 

Deb's Week 7 SYL12 Week 7  talks about vision boards, the above are the phrases that I coined to really work on. I steered away from material things because I have learnt in the past that I get too caught up in what the latest is, therefor material items are no longer on my priority list. That was one of my achievements last year. This year it's all about balancing myself :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fresh Horses Brigade - Funeral

This week on Fresh Horses Brigade brought to you by Ginger Snaps, still snorting in laughter at that pic Eden, freaking funny stuff, Ginger Snaps can be found there.

This week on Fresh Horses it's Funeral Song. without doubt it will be

Then when everyone is all teary and weeping and wondering how they will ever go on,

Everybody who has ever met me my entire life will systematically start bobbing their heads and go and visit some live gig somewhere and rock their socks off. Nobody gives the same vibe as Zeppelin

Forever rock on Brothers and Sisters

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Customising Your Iphone

Brought to you by she who takes a million years to figure techy stuff out :)

Probably something you all knew how to do already, but I thought it was cool. A quick way to have your most frequented websites at the touch of a button. Awesomeness :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Linky Tools

For all the ladies and gents who are familiar with linky tools, there is now a tool called Linky Followers. A great alternative considering Google Friend Connect finishes on March 1st. All my favourite things to do are over there, blog roll, grouping etc. Check it out and follow me :) My new button is over there to the right :)

Linky Followers

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Would You Grant A Last Wish

I was so fortunate to have a close relationship to my grandparents on my mothers side. Blessed even. I've had this typed for a while but couldn't hit publish because it hurts...alot...still... nearly five years later.
My Grandfather was a larger than life man. Huge in frame and personality. He and my Grandmother lived life to the fullest.  It was always cocktail hour and the door was always open, your stomach was always full and you laughed till you cried ALWAYS.
When he was in his sixties he changed...forever. Pop was diagnosed with diabetes. It was crushing, shocking, so many emotions. It was also the eighties, diabetes was unknown to a lot of people. Facts were not widely available. He was angry, very angry and very bitter. Literally overnight all the favourite things in life were gone. No more gigantic dinners and desserts that would feed three, no more drinking, he was bitter. Within the first year he dropped close to 50kg. He was bitter.
My Mum and I went to the library to research information to try and help him. As I said information and awareness were not prominent in the eighties of this condition. The nineties roll around the gorgeous internet changed all of that. I had cookbooks sent from the US, special sweets sent from the UK.. He was bitter.
Over the next five years he got worse, a lot worse, he had numerous strokes. Each one taking a little more of him away each time. He could no longer do things for himself and relied on my grandmother for everything.
When I got my licence I drove the two hour drive there and back, once a week. To take them to the doctors, do their grocery shopping, washing whatever was there to be done. You see at first everyone used to drive down to see him, to give Nan a break, but then his bitterness and hatred of the world took it's toll on them. They stayed away, when they did call or visit he would berate them with "you never call", answer "I called you last week Dad/Pop" , he "oh you call that a phone call" and so on. He had three sons, one daughter, eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. Two would visit consistently, my mother and I.
With each stroke came the inevitable phone call, come quickly they don't think he will make it through. He always did. I was always raked with what if he doesn't and I never say goodbye? I always drove the two hours to be told he'll be okay and to hug my Nan so tight. As the years went on, he got worse and Nan got older. She had made a promise to him though that she would never put him in a home, he would always be looked after.
We were down staying for the weekend for my daughters 3rd birthday. Nan was tired, so so tired. She was snippy, she was never snippy. We drove home on the Sunday with nagging cloud around us. On the Wednesday I called to say Hi. Nan was sick, she had a cold and didn't feel well. I told her to go to the doctor but she didn't want to leave him for that long, so I said I'll leave work early on Friday and come down and take you. Okay she says. My Nan had passed away by Friday morning. It turns out she actually had Pneumonia, which took it's toll and caused a massive stroke and she was gone. For me, the world changed forever that day. I idolized her. She was so fun, warm, kind, the best. She was gone. It was such a shock to everyone that no one thought of the consequences. Drowning in their grief, getting through as best we could, hanging on by mere thread. Reality hit within days. Who was going to care for Pop? The boys tried to convince him that they would find a nice home but it devastated him and caused him such distress. He couldn't cope, he was grieving his wife of 63 years. So with much to and fro, it was decided he would live downstairs at my Uncle's but someone else had to come look after him. So my Mum and I took it in turns. My Mum doesn't drive so I drive her everywhere anyways. I would work nights, come home get little one ready for kindy, go over and look after Pop till Mum came in the afternoon with Dad, go pick little one up from kindy, sleep for a few hours, work, kindy, Pop, kindy and so the cycle would go.
He got progressively worse, till he needed a machine to breathe. Tuesday morning, I call the ambulance, a lovely lady and her partner arrive. She holds my hand "Love, there is nothing more we can do for him, we can take him to the hospital but he won't come home". I call everyone immediately, what do I do? I asked Pop "Do you want to stay here", "Please" is all he said. I remember thinking at the time, I've never heard Pop say please, ever. The lovely lady left a few hours later and it was just he and I for awhile whilst everyone else finished their days and made their way over. He looked at me and said "This is it huh", I said "Yep"
He asked for one last thing......a cigarette. I said "Are you mental?" He laughed and laughed. So I did I lit that cigarette and he sucked back on it, coughing the remaining lung up I swear but he was happy so very very happy. He probably had two puffs and that was it. I put it out and we sat in silence for the rest of the afternoon. Then it was a blur of people. By 9am the next morning, he was gone. Gone to his beautiful wife waiting for him in paradise.
What made me write about this? My baby is the spitting image of him, he had a habit of rubbing his hands together, even when asleep and she does the exact same thing. She is five months old today and I love to believe that apart of him was born within her and so they live on.
What would you do? Would you grant someone their last wish even though it was probably medically incorrect and morally iffy.? I did and would a heartbeat.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

In My Spare Time ...Cough Cough

In my spare time,  more accurately, when everyone is asleep, I have been working on the following few things. As some of you might know I have been trying to teach myself how to crochet. I can knit so surely crochet can not be that hard....I was so mistaken! I have been practicing on dozens of "Granny Squares" and what finally made the penny drop, if I hold the crochet hook like a knitting needle, I am good to go. Not conventional but then I am not really am I ......So just a few pics, 

How have you all been? Drop me a line, tweet me, holla at me on Facey 

It's huge, I am not a fan of the j-rolls that you buy over the counter, because they are far too small to carry all my jewels in. So I made one extra extra long :)

The baby loves having her head measured again and again and again. NOT 

And finally to carry all my woolly crap in 
That's about it for now..... I have a bit of a deep post I am working on at the moment...hopefully I can hit send on it in a couple of days 

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