Monday, 5 December 2011

Wonderful Weekends No 2

Hello there wonderful blogettes (it will totally catch on). This weekend hmmmm, sewing, 5 hour roast, playing with kidlets, yelling at my husband, wait 5 hour roast your ask???? Oh god what a debacle, let me start from the beginning.....
Saturday morning I sent Stretch to local store who had 4 Burner BBQ's with hood and wok attachments on special for $149.00, so I kicked him out of bed at 7.00am to go line up and elbow the grannies out the way. Off he went, sale started at 8.00am, he was home by 8.05am. You see being 7 feet tall has it's advantages and the fact he's inked up to the hilt, most people are terrified of him, so he walked in, and as he puts it, was like Moses parting the waters, he was in and out in a minute. You see Miss OCD over here, had the exact cash ready to rock and roll Friday evening, I am a veteran of many a sale and have my "red light special kit" at the ready. It has you know, bottled water, bandaids, ready cash, muesli bar, so I can be hands free and GO GO GO GO. 
Let's not dwell on the fact it took two and half hours to put together, we  I think it was totally worth it. 

Soooo then I spent Saturday night, giving her a test run with kebabs and steak and sausages and tatties and onions and she cooked like a dream with bananas and lil brown sugar on there for dessert. Scrumptious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Then muggins here was speaking to her mother on Sunday morning and stupidly mentioned the above and said oh I'm doing pork roast on there today for lunch, to which Mum says "Be there in ten mins" ...beep beep of phone being hung up. 
Shit !!! Bugger !!! Bum!!! So I raced out to Woolies got extra veges and got the sucker oiled salted and on!!!! This was 11.00am. The parentals arrive, kiss the baby, play with other grand child, inspect back yard (once again not up to scratch), we get to 2.00pm....
Dad "What time is this friggin roast" 
Me "Ummm it should be just about cooked" ....knowing full well the sucker was still stone cold in the middle and she was rocking along at 250C for 2 hours.... 
Mum "Well I'll just check it and see what YOU did wrong"
Me "Fuck" 
Mum "It's still friggin cold in the middle you moron" 
Me "I said dinner not lunch you lunatic"
Dad "I'm friggin hungry" 
Mum and I together "Go make a friggin sandwich" 
Needless to say at 4.00pm when we had "afternoon tea" of roast pork and veges, it was delicious and totally worth the wait :P Just don't ask my Dad if that's completely true :) 
Oh and in amongst that I fitted in some new sewing ideas !!!! 

Soooooooooo how was your weekend? Linking up with the gorgeous Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups 


  1. I envy your bobbin organisation!!!!!!!

  2. Loving the new BBQ. So are we coming for lunch or dinner? lol
    Those wrist pin cushions are beyond glam you clever chick. Were they hard to make?

    Thanks for linking up again lovely :) xx

  3. Great BBQ give me roast pork at anytime of the day or night always worth waiting for. I have to agree that pin cushion is lovely the colour is devine. Hope you have a wonderful day my friend.

    Always Wendy


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