Friday, 9 December 2011

Sneaky Sewing - Pin Cushion Flowers

Hello there my lovelies !!!!!!!
I have found some kindred spirits in this blogging world and they are also a little disheartened at the moment, so my biggest hugs and shoulders to stand up on and sing Eff You world xxx
Now for a lil sewing cheats. I am a self taught seamstress and have the gift of looking at something and seeing  it in my head and start hacking and sewing straight away. I never measure, I just squint, close one eye and go hmmm yep about that much ;) But I will attempt to translate my adhoc sewing for your perusing pleasure ;)

The flower pin cushions are dead easy!!! And I mean dead easy !!!
  • One artificial flower of your choice, one that has a lot of petals works best
  • Hot glue gun or No More Pins whatever fabric glue you have on hand
  • 6" x 6" square or similar size circle if you prefer - fabric  - choose one that accentuates your flowers colours
  • 2" x 9" strips x 2 for the wrist strap, measure your wrist and cut your length accordingly, I allow half inch each side for hem, cause I am a shit seamstress.
  • Good Pinchfull (technical term) of Hobby Fill or similar item
  • Small square of velcro - I used stick on velcro as it was handy and left over from another project
  • Needle and matching thread
Firstly put your wrist strap pieces right sides together (lay one flat and have the good side looking at you and then the other one, put good side down). As I used a plain colour didn't matter what side was facing :)

Pin together and do a straight stitch 3/4 the way around, leaving a two inch gap on one of the sides to be able to turn through your fabric so your right sides are showing. Before turning it out, trim your corners so that they will sit nice and flat and pointy. Careful not to snip your stitching.
Once turned out. close up your hole with straight stitch along the edge.

Now get your flower and pull out the middle and prolly first two layers of petals.
Get your square piece of fabric that will be your pin cushion. Place your hobby fill in the middle and pull your edges in, hand sew them together ....

Now I personally place a small disc of fabric over the bottom to hide the stitches I've just done so that it also adhere's evenly to the flower as well.
Just glue the disc on with a dab of your hot glue gun..
Now get your wrist strap and measure where the middle of it is or where you want the flower to be placed, mark it with a lil x with a pencil, it will be covered up anyways.
Glue your pin cushion onto the middle of the flower, press down gently so it adheres and then leave for a few minutes to dry.
Replace the petals you removed if you like, to fill in your sides where you glued the cushion in.
Once dried, glue onto your x marks the spot.
Now for your velcro, two small pieces one on each side see pic to get the jist of that one ;)

and ta da you will have your finished product.

I hope that made sense!! Any questions ask an expert!! No seriously if you have any questions please shoot me an email or in comments and will as always bullshit try to answer as best as I possibly can :)

Today I was supposed to attempt these ;

But tomorrow is another day.....
Hope your having an awesome Friday evening blogettes (still not catching on)



  1. That is so clever and does look really easy. I will let you know. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  2. Oh yay!! Please come back and let me know how you got on x

  3. One of my new years resolutions is going to be to teach myself how to sew. I'll be sure to study your blog for inspiration!

  4. Welcome Romina!! What an awesome resolution, remember youtube is your friend :) I pick up loads of ideas from there :)


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