Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sewing And Weird Dreams

Helllooo There !!!!
Well it's been a eventful few weeks really hasn't it. Not even mentioning the last few days and the Twitter Gate saga... As a voyeur of sorts, it was a eye opening experience.
There was the little sub group of people, which I was lucky to be apart of, that had open and honest discussion, both sides being represented and it was fantastic to be apart of, women who love the guts out of each other but have differing opinions and could talk about them without WW3 or handbags at 50 paces.
Very proud of you ladies, you know who you are :)

Now what sewing projects have I done......

Well Miss A required a red and green tutu for Santa...sheesh....of course

Ladies for your little ones this is sooo simple,

Piece of elastic/ribbon  - measured to your child's waist

Pieces of Tulle - 4" x 15" - 20-30 pieces depending how "fluffy" you want it

The whole thing cost me less than $10.00 and I have loads of leftover Tulle to make at least 3 more.
These would be fantastic to knock up for your kids birthday parties and they could all take one home with them

What else....oh the lunch wraps, a lil bit fancy schmancy but am in love with them, I've tested the bread issue and it takes about 4 hours before they go stale, so if packing for a picnic deffo plastic wrap first, school lunch you'd get away without...

Two squares of 26cm  - 1 your pattern piece, 2 your ripstop nylon
Matching Thread

These wraps are made so you can wipe them clean, once again cheap as chips and super easy                                                                                                                                                                                           

On opposing corners sew your velcro on, right sides together sew all the way around leaving a 2 inch gap at the side to turn your fabric through, sew up your gap after turning and tadddah, stupidly simple right???

Now to my dreams.....
You see I have a tumor and please don't awww at me cause I am not THAT person, it's in my uterus and was detected in my first scan when pregnant with Miss A. The choices I made after that are my own, it is inoperable at this stage but the upshot is it's not cancerous. Although they keep checking that which does alert my inner alarm bells. Anyways, my lower back has always given me curry but more so over the last 7 months ish, so here is the dream part, I vision the tumor winding itself like a vine, over and through my spine, it's happening most nights, much like Jack's Beanstalk . Yes I need to go back to the doctor but just can not afford to so close to Christmas, this dam countries healthcare system is a joke, I do have a bulk bill doctor who I regularly went to every 3 months up till the Lemon time. I call her Lemon cause that is the size of her. I am a bit dirty at the doc's cause it turns out this tumor has been manifesting for a number of years, undetected by this doc who I had presented to numerous times with symptoms that are RED flags so the specialists tell me. Anyways that's my dream and I really am hoping it's not my body trying to tell me something other than exercise more your lazy bitch :)

Sooooo.....what you been doing ??????????

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  1. I'm trying my best not to awwwww at you, but geez, that's a pretty full on thing - no wonder you're having weird dreams!  On a lighter note, if I keep reading your blog one day I may even be able to sew something!! :) xx


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