Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Exhaustion and Chipped Nails

I feel her pain!!! Leading up to the dreaded awesomeness that is Christmas Day at my home...sigh....I have been cleaning, scrubbing, practice recipes.... and to make it worse ....

My nails are chipped !!! Now as you all get to know me you will realise that my one luxury in life is my fingernails and toe nails being painted, you can read where I bang on about this here..About Me
I take that half hour/hour each week to do this because it makes me feel like a beautiful woman and I feel very weird without, now as I sit here and quickly type this, because I feel like I've neglected my blog badly of recent, my nails are screaming at me, but I don't have time!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss A has decided that there will be no sleeping this week and feeding is an optional extra ( chants silently, motherhood is wonderful..motherhood is wonderful) 
I am going to have to skip Wonderful Weekends with Miss Sonia this week because quite simply I have nothing to report of interest to anyone!! Last minute Christmas Shopping and about 9000 klms walked of my hallway trying to soothe Miss A with Miss T screaming out of her bedroom "Can't you shut her up Mum I can't hear Wizards of Waverely Place" .......Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 
Now something I do want to share just quickly is a dough recipe gorgeous Sass from MooZoo Designs shared last week you can find it here....Gorgeous Sass 
It truelly is the most wonderful pizza dough but I also found out she makes awesome Garlic Balls out of it as well, if your into making your own dough, I am, and have tried dozens, this is a winner!!!! 
Love to you all and I have been catching up on my reading at stupid o'clock times eg. 2am, I hope to give a proper post very soon 



  1. Ah Beth, sounds like you need a good nights sleep! Did you get my email this week? Maybe I got spammed!! Am off to bed now with my freshly painted nails! xx

  2. Oh Hun will go check now xx yes sleep would be awesome even just one of those awesome power naps xx

  3. Feeling you my friend you will be an awesome hostess for your Christmas party it will be perfect. Dam that with your nails Hope you have a great week :)

    Always Wendy

  4. Aww thank you beautiful x your always full of love and light

  5. I love that you make your nails a priority, mine look hideous and I keep thinking 'tonight I will paint them' and tomorrow I will cringe at them again, all unpainted and needing attention.

    This weekend. I am spending Friday night on the lounge reading 3 x Marie Claire mags I found that I had not even opened, and painting my nails.

    Get some sleep lovely. xo

    ps...Love the pink baubles on your background!

  6. Motherhood is awesome. And crap. But always comes back to awesome :)

    Just not on the weeks where you're clocking up the k's around your house, albeit wit chipped nails! Sac-relig, my friend! Sac-relig!

    P.S sass also does the cost AMAZING potato bake, worth pouring through the archives! xx

  7. Peggy: Omg imagine three magazines not touched!! How exciting!! What a fantastic Friday night your in for, I envy you my dear

    Cherie: I know!!! Although some anonymous person decided to email me about how shallow I was but SCREW you lady!! I enjoy the simple things in life i.e my bloody nails being painted :) Hubby thought he would be helpful and purchase me a pedometer so I can clock how K's I am doing and then relish in the exercise.....I'm sure the lounge is comfy this time of year :)

  8. Hi!
    Just found your blog and I will be visiting again :-) Hope you are able to get some rest soon!


  9. A girl afer my own heart - I too love having my nails always done. Hope things are getting better round there hun - should I send some Vodka? :) xx


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