Saturday, 31 December 2011

The End of 2011 Bring on 2012

Well hello there!! How have you all been, very quiet around the blogging front while all the lovelies take a well earned break with their families and recharge ready for a full on 2012.
Firstly I totally rocked the Christmas Day lunch with all the hangers on, was an expensive exercise but well worth it !! To the point most stayed and we did it all again for dinner :) That's a good sign that everyone is having a good time and eating well when they are still there for the next sitting!!!

Now money is tight, super duper tight, as this was the last Christmas that was paid for by my earnings, so it's a total budget rehaul for this family.
So ladies I've been on budget and let me share with you a few things. Firstly, I hate reading Must Have Lists, they only make you feel shit about yourself and what you can't afford. But let me let you in on what I now do, pick one thing off these lists that you can afford if you gave up something else.
A for instance, lovely Nikki over at Styling You had a top 10 list recently. I chose the Garnier BB  Skin Perfecter about $13.00 as something that was do-able for me. So whilst shopping I found it on special for $10, so I put back the snacks I had in the basket and got this instead. It's been life changing, literally. I got the medium shade and let me tell you ladies unless your olive skinned like me, go for the light. I rarely put foundation on everyday but I do moisturise religiously. This kills two birds with one stone, it covers like a foundation but smoothes your skin like a brilliant face cream.
The other thing I have had on my want list for a long time is Silicone Egg Poachers, now don't laugh but I love kitchen things, these retail for anything between $19-$30, I bought the $2 ones from K-mart. Exactly the freaking same and do a beautiful job. P.S I've had poached eggs for breaky 4 mornings in a row now, the novelty will wear off shortly.
So that's my resolution for the New Year really, is look at things differently, when on budget you can still have the beautiful things everyone else blogs about but you substitute it for something else. I feel fantastic, my face looks fantastic and look like I've actually made an effort even if I'm still in my robe at 4pm and my waist line is stoked that I didn't make it do an extra Zumba class for those lollies :) WIN WIN

Happy New Year Gorgeous Ones and See You in 2012 xxxxxxx


  1. Man. You KNOW I can relate re: nil moo-la!

    Completely relate.

    Happy 2012, recharge those bloggy batteries & I seriously can't wait to share 2012 with you :)

    Much love xx

  2.  For the record my budget beauty secret is Vaseline (petroleum jelly) as an eye cream. Works wonders! Have a great New Year Beth. x

  3. Happy New Year Beth! I've been wanting to try that cream for ages, and after reading your post I went out and treated myself to it as a New Year's gift to myself. Got it for $10 at BigW. Looking forward to sharing laughs with you in the year ahead. xx

  4. Hi Beth, I've awarded you a Liebster Award (inspirational bloggers with less than 200 followers) you can see the post at

  5. Happy New Year lovely. I love that Garnier cream too. Tip: enter as many compas as you can - you get some fab freebies to try and well I dont know, but things are just so much more exciting when they are free :)
    I hope this year is a fab one for you babe ;) xx

  6. Lmao Son yes I'm sure companies take notice of my 16 follower blog baahhaha you are funny chick :) 


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