Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Versatile Blog Challenge

Okay so I'm not really sure if I am linking correctly but the lovely Sonia @ nominated my virgin blog self to complete this. Five things you would notice about me if you met me in RLF.

Here goes...........................

1. My partner Stretch. Everyone notices my partner before me as he is just over 7 feet tall. People look at him and stare then look considerably down to my 5 foot 4 self and either stare or point and whisper. I am immune to this now but when we first got together many years ago it used to rile me to no end!!!!!!!!!
2. My painted nails....hands and toe. I CAN NOT go without painted nails. There are only two days in the last fifteen years that I have and both were the days my daughters were born. Let me tell you, straight after they were painted as it was the first thing packed into my hospital bag LMAO.
3. Olive skin, I have been blessed by my grandfathers genes and have olive skin, the most common comment to me is "Are you a Wog?" No in fact  I am a fourth generation Australian but because I have brunette hair and olive skin people always assume that I am a "wog chick". I have been known however to use this to my advantage when bothered by people I don't like in a public place with "no speak English". I do envy my girls English rose skin though so smooth and beautiful...sigh
4. Road Rage.......Our dear wonderful decrepit older generation who are still me completely bananas. My daughter finds it hysterical that I say to myself in the car GRANDMA get off the freaking road and have a cup of tea. You know exactly what I am talking about....right??? Speed past me do whatever and I will be in my own world but Grandma who is 90 driving at me on the wrong side of the road....arrrgghhhhh
5. My intolerance of bullies, if I see it, even in complete strangers I have to say something...I can not tolerate that abhorrent behaviour. I was bullied extensively as a child and publicaly so by my first love and so many just watched or turned their backs and I swore black and blue that I would never do the same to another human being.

Hmmmmm I think I did it right?????????????????? And I apologise to those who may be offended by my references but that's just me and love me as I am or click on another blog :)


  1. Hi there Beth! Couldn't stop giggling... I have that rose skin and I would love olive skin, wog comments and all! Happy to meet you :)

  2. I can't tolerate any kind of bullying or even just inconsiderate behavior either! And I would live to have your skin (especially as we are visiting sunny QLD this week!!) x

  3. Totally Love it Beth!!! Love 1 to 5 and Love your style and love getting to know you better.
    A little envious of your olive skin though :)
    We have sooo much in common except my hubby is only 5 foot 10.
    Thanks for playing along - you did fabulously :) xxx


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