Thursday, 17 November 2011

What Did You Do Today??

Today was one of those not so great days. Lil Miss decided to cry from 5am till now, why? Because she can lol.

So I whipped up my own baby sling. I had a few metres of jersey fabric left over, so I cut it in half and sewed two ends together. Making one extra long piece, as it's jersey no fraying so no side seems needed. Yay!!! Find the middle and place across your stomach left hand tie up over your back and across right shoulder, same for next side, right tie up over left shoulder. Forming a cross on your back. Then form same cross across your chest, then tie around your back.


So cranky baby was comfy and I got what I needed to get done around the house!!

As you can see when Tahlia got home from school she was stoked to see the strawberries I got her!! I'm loving our cheap fresh fruit at the moment!! Bananas are now affordable and being consumed daily here now.

When hubby get's home I shall be attacking this award do-hickey thingy majiggy where I name 5 things you would notice about if you met me IRL
Enough about me...Sooooooo how was your day?

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  1. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! ... those eyes!

    And YOU, are a crafty little minx :) xx


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