Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Personal Milestones

What did you do today? Let me tell you what I did. I reached two massive milestones today.
I posted my first blog. Something I have deliberated about for a number of months now.
With such a warm response it gave me the confidence to do what I did next. See the above pool, well I have been putting off going in for awhile now. I've cleaned it, scrubbed it, pruned the garden around it, watched the other half and daughter play in it but generally just avoided going in. Today I took the plunge. Why might you ask have I been avoiding the enticing water so much, because you see I still have that jelly belly, you know the one, my second daughter is 11 weeks old on Friday and I have yet to shift the Ayers Rock that was my stomach.
So today brimming with confidence and being blessed from the skin gods with naturally olive skin (a tan always makes you feel slimmer don't you think) and newly purchased black swimsuit that hides all (god I love women who design these things with me in mind) I called upon my inner dolphin and dived in. I set myself the goal of 20 laps. For the keen eye you will see the sun lounge placed inches away from the steps, there is a method to my madness, I bloody needed it after doing 20 laps, if I had of carefully thought out the process I would have included an oxygen bottle. A big shout out to for the blue sarong on chair that I indulged myself with a few weeks ago. It was a godsend to wrap around me, milliseconds after leaving the pool :). My new goal is 20 laps per day and will keep you posted on how I am going with that.

In celebration I made cheater chicken for dinner, what is cheater chicken? My eldest named it CC because I leave out the egg portion of crumbing. I cut the chicken breasts into thin slices, then soak in milk and crumb and cook. Not an easy task when you have a baby strapped to the front of you for preparation, believe you me. She can call it what she likes but prior to this throw together, chicken had never passed her lips. Now this is another funny story, why didn't she eat chicken? because we would be eating Chicken Little (too many dvd's as a child).
So on this auspicious day, I thank every single blog I've read and person I have met in the last two months, listening reading their stories has inspired me more than words can say. Slowly but surely I am digging myself out of the black hole that was :)


  1. Oh, kudos!

    I'm yet to don swimwear, but my gosh, if I had a pool, hell yes I would!

    P.S LOVE those women who make THOSE bathers ;)

  2. Hi, visiting from Sonia's blog, Love, Life and Hiccups and very glad I did! Good on your getting in the pool and doing some laps. I have a 9 month old bub and a 3 year old and I have started exercising again too. I am really feeling the benefits now. Good luck!


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