Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Everyone say hello to Charlie. He is our 2 year old staffy/mastif. Now before you ooohh and ahhhh at Charles (you'll see why he's being called by his full name in a moment), he's in trouble BIG doggy trouble.
I opened my back door today to be greeted by some random woman standing there, I was shocked and stunned at the same time, I look down and there is C..H..A..R..L..E..S laying on his back awaiting belly rubs. The said woman quickly showed her identification as being from the Electricty to read the meter, as I must have looked like I was going to rip her head off and shove it down her throat. GUARD DOG my arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Said woman then went on to tell me that they had a good old play last time she read the meter when we were at work and what a wonderful dog he is.
So Charles you are in the doghouse, your food for the next week. No treats from Mummy, no leftovers snuck out the back door for you when Daddy isn't looking, DOG FOOD !!!
Ha !!!!!!!!!!!! That'll show you !!!!!


  1. LMAO - Yup I have 2 of those over friendly guard dogs. Both of whom have a habit of chewing anything that is within reach.
    He is a gorgeous looking dog though - I would be happy to rub his belly too :) xx

  2. Oh thats so funny and he is so cute. I'm new to your blog just over from Sonia life love and hicccups I'm now your newest follower and happy to find a new friend here. If you find a spare minute come and visit me so we can keep in touch.Have a great day.

    Always Wendy


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