Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Challenge

For a bit of fun and to fuel our competitive nature, Stretch and I have set an eBay challenge. Now we are both lovers and addicts of all things eBay, we even have a separate account that we have 10 bucks paid into weekly for such addictions.
Now here was the challenge, how much stuff could you get for 5 bucks inc postage?
The following rules apply:
A) you can not tell your challenger what you have bought
B) it's about quantity not quality
C) you must need or be able to use the goods purchased

I'M LOVING IT !!!! I've been scouring for hours and I'm onto a winner ladies
How about you? Would you enjoy such a challenge? Great novelty idea and quite a cheap alternative to normal Christmas gifts huh!!!


  1. I have to confess I'm an ebay virgin, having never bought anything and only looking once every few months or so for a bit of fun. Perhaps I need to pop my cherry! :)

  2. Oh Pop It Hunni, we keep it on budget so that if anything goes wrong it's only the price of a cup of coffee that goes down the shooter!!! God I can't wait to hear what your first purchase is xx

  3. This sounds like lots of fun! x

  4. It really is!! Great game to play with siblings or your bestie!!!


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