Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Blog Virgin

Well it seems I am the last on this blog band wagon business. I feel like the dork who showed up late to the party you know!!! I have wanted to write a blog for so long but thought pffft nobody is going to want to hear what I have to say. But after reading some fantastic and life changing blogs over the last few months, I realised it's not about that, it's really about yourself and another tool to express your being. So a big thank you to Sonia @ Love Life and Hiccups, Cherie @ A Baby Called Max, Karen @ Simply Said and Bianca @ A Little Delightful , to name a few.
You are life changing inspirational ladies, who I can't speak highly enough of.
A little bit about me, I am a mother of two girls, 8 going on 21 and 3 months. Big gap I know, which I am sure will be a big focus in the blog. I had forgotten how exhausting it is with a newborn. It's not like when you were young and went out on the boo hiss for an all nighter coming home at sunlight, giddily swinging high heels in hand, barefoot, thinking it was "the best night ever", then sleeping all day ready to go again the next night, oh no my dear childless friends it's not like that at all, these kind of all nighters are not joyous at all, there is no basking in the sunlight, no ability to sleep all day and definitely no waiting on that gorgeous boy (pre ugly lights coming on) to call or text, no my lovelies it's no picnic, but the most rewarding job you'll ever do. One smile after that  48 hours straight no sleep and your mush in their hands.
Oh my once you start typing it really does fly off the keyboard doesn't it. Okay well enough for my FIRST rant!!! Welcome one and all and I hope you enjoy your stay, tip your waitress on the way out :) xx


  1. Oh beth!

    It's so good to have you here, & letting it all fly off the keyboard :)

    That's what we all do, & hey sometimes it flies a little too furiously & I regret hitting 'publish' ... but, meh! :)

    I can't wait to

  2. Welcome Beth and thank you so much for your lovely words. Your little girl is just beautiful (she is feeding my girl envy big time).

    I am so looking forward to reading your adventures. All the beautiful woman you mentioned above are just gorgeous and I know you will have a fabulous time blogging.

    There are up and down days, but that's what I love about our bloggy family - we are all there for each other.

    Welcome to the fam hun xxx

  3. Welcome Beth! I love seeing new bloggers come along. It's such a rewarding experience with all the connections you make, and just the ability to get your thoughts out there. Looking forward to reading your journey. xx

  4. Welcome to blogging beth! I can't wait to read more. I have one of those 8 going on 21 girls - she was a true 7 last year but with 8 came sudden hormones and eye rolling and "I know"'s. I cannot even fathom going back tot he beginning again so can't wait to hear about that!

    Deb @ home life simplified (hate the systems that only let me use my old Deb in oz moniker)

  5. Welcome Beth! I remember writing my first post and wondering if anyone would read and where it would take me. You're in for an amazing ride! If you need any help with anything just shout :)

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging - you will certainly find lots of friends here and lots of advice if you ever need it !!!

    Have a great day !


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