Monday, 28 November 2011

1st of Weekend Posts With Lovely Life Love and Hiccups

Well the weekend ...........

I sent a blanket email out last week to my nearest and dearest explaining that this year we won't be trecking from house to house Christmas Day but staying home due to newborn baby etc etc but everyone was more than welcome to come by. The truth be told we want to stay home this year and swim in our pool and drink lots of lovely cocktails. See all the relatives enjoy the same and never leave their home CDay, hence we trek around the countryside. Now this really was a token stop by message as knowing their track record and their love of the drink during the happy holidays and never expected any responses. From the day the email went out I've had nothing but ACCEPTANCES!!! From love to pop by to yes will be there for lunch thanks very much. So now my plans have gone from relaxed throw together lunch with my brood and Mum and Dad to the majority of the clan coming. Worst part being, the rule in the family is when invited to someone elses home you don't take anything but alcohol you wish to consume. Can anyone say SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called Mum who found the whole situation hilarious, so I hung up on her huge guffaws of laughter!!! Stretch was no better, smirking to himself with his told you it would backfire smirk. I was freaking out. broke out in a mad sweat and a glass of wine and then ditched that glass and just drank out the bottle!!! 
So for the remainder of the weekend, I turned my kitchen into a test kitchen. There is nothing worse than trying a recipe on the day of event and having it turn to complete and utter shit. So I baked, cooked, stirred, whipped up a frenzy. Please note I said TEST. This will become important shortly. 
Basically I didn't have time to eat anything, so I tasted when out the oven, gave it a yes or no then shoved it in the fridge. 
This morning I decided to get all the items out again and get the fussiest eater in the family, my dear Mother, around to try them all and give her wise and STRONG opinion. 
I open said fridge and I was faced with wait for it ......

I screamed in horror and this is how the following conversation went

Me: What the effing hell happened to the food
Stretch : You wanted me to taste it right?
Me: Yes but not eat it ALLLLLLLLL (insert highest pitch voice you can imagine)
Stretch: Well that shows how good it was if I ate it ALL
Me: I don't give a f**** what you think, you'd eat shit on a plate if I put it in front of you!!!!
Stretch: Ohhhhh nodding his head knowing this statement was completely true
Me: This is going to cost you
Stretch: Head hung low, brief hesitation....what?
Me:  An Ipad 2

It was a pipedream that I might get one for Chrissy, it's a bloody sure thing now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So that was the weekend :) How was yours ?


  1. LMAO - Oh Beth - you seriosuly crack me up.
    Your cocktails by the pool sounded fabulous, but the whole fam.....? Umm good luck with that! :)
    Thanks for linking up lovely :) xx

  2. Oh I so love your blog my tummy is still recovering LMAO too. That is something the LOML would do nothing stays in our fridge long either. Don't worry my friend if they don't like what.... you no doubt will slave over to feed them too bad you will still have a great day by the pool. Enjoy tomorrow.

    Always Wendy

  3. Bwahahaha!
    It will be hot Christmas day... lots of pre-prepared finger foods, pre-prepped salads, cold drinks, sweet nibblies and you'll be fine... as you sip your well-deserved Christmas cocktail!! =o)


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