Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Challenge

For a bit of fun and to fuel our competitive nature, Stretch and I have set an eBay challenge. Now we are both lovers and addicts of all things eBay, we even have a separate account that we have 10 bucks paid into weekly for such addictions.
Now here was the challenge, how much stuff could you get for 5 bucks inc postage?
The following rules apply:
A) you can not tell your challenger what you have bought
B) it's about quantity not quality
C) you must need or be able to use the goods purchased

I'M LOVING IT !!!! I've been scouring for hours and I'm onto a winner ladies
How about you? Would you enjoy such a challenge? Great novelty idea and quite a cheap alternative to normal Christmas gifts huh!!!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Last Orders For Christmas Stocking Fillers - Pocket Tissue Holders

Finally have finished one of the last orders before Christmas. There is still time to get these in for Teachers gifts before school finishes, as I only use Express Post. $5.00 per item or 5 items for $20.00 inc postage. Contact me for further details or ideas of prints you may like, I have a whole room full of fabric. Payment via paypal and order will not be shipped until final payment received.

Monday, 28 November 2011

1st of Weekend Posts With Lovely Life Love and Hiccups

Well the weekend ...........

I sent a blanket email out last week to my nearest and dearest explaining that this year we won't be trecking from house to house Christmas Day but staying home due to newborn baby etc etc but everyone was more than welcome to come by. The truth be told we want to stay home this year and swim in our pool and drink lots of lovely cocktails. See all the relatives enjoy the same and never leave their home CDay, hence we trek around the countryside. Now this really was a token stop by message as knowing their track record and their love of the drink during the happy holidays and never expected any responses. From the day the email went out I've had nothing but ACCEPTANCES!!! From love to pop by to yes will be there for lunch thanks very much. So now my plans have gone from relaxed throw together lunch with my brood and Mum and Dad to the majority of the clan coming. Worst part being, the rule in the family is when invited to someone elses home you don't take anything but alcohol you wish to consume. Can anyone say SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called Mum who found the whole situation hilarious, so I hung up on her huge guffaws of laughter!!! Stretch was no better, smirking to himself with his told you it would backfire smirk. I was freaking out. broke out in a mad sweat and a glass of wine and then ditched that glass and just drank out the bottle!!! 
So for the remainder of the weekend, I turned my kitchen into a test kitchen. There is nothing worse than trying a recipe on the day of event and having it turn to complete and utter shit. So I baked, cooked, stirred, whipped up a frenzy. Please note I said TEST. This will become important shortly. 
Basically I didn't have time to eat anything, so I tasted when out the oven, gave it a yes or no then shoved it in the fridge. 
This morning I decided to get all the items out again and get the fussiest eater in the family, my dear Mother, around to try them all and give her wise and STRONG opinion. 
I open said fridge and I was faced with wait for it ......

I screamed in horror and this is how the following conversation went

Me: What the effing hell happened to the food
Stretch : You wanted me to taste it right?
Me: Yes but not eat it ALLLLLLLLL (insert highest pitch voice you can imagine)
Stretch: Well that shows how good it was if I ate it ALL
Me: I don't give a f**** what you think, you'd eat shit on a plate if I put it in front of you!!!!
Stretch: Ohhhhh nodding his head knowing this statement was completely true
Me: This is going to cost you
Stretch: Head hung low, brief hesitation....what?
Me:  An Ipad 2

It was a pipedream that I might get one for Chrissy, it's a bloody sure thing now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So that was the weekend :) How was yours ?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Everyone say hello to Charlie. He is our 2 year old staffy/mastif. Now before you ooohh and ahhhh at Charles (you'll see why he's being called by his full name in a moment), he's in trouble BIG doggy trouble.
I opened my back door today to be greeted by some random woman standing there, I was shocked and stunned at the same time, I look down and there is C..H..A..R..L..E..S laying on his back awaiting belly rubs. The said woman quickly showed her identification as being from the Electricty to read the meter, as I must have looked like I was going to rip her head off and shove it down her throat. GUARD DOG my arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Said woman then went on to tell me that they had a good old play last time she read the meter when we were at work and what a wonderful dog he is.
So Charles you are in the doghouse, your food for the next week. No treats from Mummy, no leftovers snuck out the back door for you when Daddy isn't looking, DOG FOOD !!!
Ha !!!!!!!!!!!! That'll show you !!!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Versatile Blog Challenge

Okay so I'm not really sure if I am linking correctly but the lovely Sonia @ nominated my virgin blog self to complete this. Five things you would notice about me if you met me in RLF.

Here goes...........................

1. My partner Stretch. Everyone notices my partner before me as he is just over 7 feet tall. People look at him and stare then look considerably down to my 5 foot 4 self and either stare or point and whisper. I am immune to this now but when we first got together many years ago it used to rile me to no end!!!!!!!!!
2. My painted nails....hands and toe. I CAN NOT go without painted nails. There are only two days in the last fifteen years that I have and both were the days my daughters were born. Let me tell you, straight after they were painted as it was the first thing packed into my hospital bag LMAO.
3. Olive skin, I have been blessed by my grandfathers genes and have olive skin, the most common comment to me is "Are you a Wog?" No in fact  I am a fourth generation Australian but because I have brunette hair and olive skin people always assume that I am a "wog chick". I have been known however to use this to my advantage when bothered by people I don't like in a public place with "no speak English". I do envy my girls English rose skin though so smooth and beautiful...sigh
4. Road Rage.......Our dear wonderful decrepit older generation who are still me completely bananas. My daughter finds it hysterical that I say to myself in the car GRANDMA get off the freaking road and have a cup of tea. You know exactly what I am talking about....right??? Speed past me do whatever and I will be in my own world but Grandma who is 90 driving at me on the wrong side of the road....arrrgghhhhh
5. My intolerance of bullies, if I see it, even in complete strangers I have to say something...I can not tolerate that abhorrent behaviour. I was bullied extensively as a child and publicaly so by my first love and so many just watched or turned their backs and I swore black and blue that I would never do the same to another human being.

Hmmmmm I think I did it right?????????????????? And I apologise to those who may be offended by my references but that's just me and love me as I am or click on another blog :)

What Did You Do Today??

Today was one of those not so great days. Lil Miss decided to cry from 5am till now, why? Because she can lol.

So I whipped up my own baby sling. I had a few metres of jersey fabric left over, so I cut it in half and sewed two ends together. Making one extra long piece, as it's jersey no fraying so no side seems needed. Yay!!! Find the middle and place across your stomach left hand tie up over your back and across right shoulder, same for next side, right tie up over left shoulder. Forming a cross on your back. Then form same cross across your chest, then tie around your back.


So cranky baby was comfy and I got what I needed to get done around the house!!

As you can see when Tahlia got home from school she was stoked to see the strawberries I got her!! I'm loving our cheap fresh fruit at the moment!! Bananas are now affordable and being consumed daily here now.

When hubby get's home I shall be attacking this award do-hickey thingy majiggy where I name 5 things you would notice about if you met me IRL
Enough about me...Sooooooo how was your day?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Personal Milestones

What did you do today? Let me tell you what I did. I reached two massive milestones today.
I posted my first blog. Something I have deliberated about for a number of months now.
With such a warm response it gave me the confidence to do what I did next. See the above pool, well I have been putting off going in for awhile now. I've cleaned it, scrubbed it, pruned the garden around it, watched the other half and daughter play in it but generally just avoided going in. Today I took the plunge. Why might you ask have I been avoiding the enticing water so much, because you see I still have that jelly belly, you know the one, my second daughter is 11 weeks old on Friday and I have yet to shift the Ayers Rock that was my stomach.
So today brimming with confidence and being blessed from the skin gods with naturally olive skin (a tan always makes you feel slimmer don't you think) and newly purchased black swimsuit that hides all (god I love women who design these things with me in mind) I called upon my inner dolphin and dived in. I set myself the goal of 20 laps. For the keen eye you will see the sun lounge placed inches away from the steps, there is a method to my madness, I bloody needed it after doing 20 laps, if I had of carefully thought out the process I would have included an oxygen bottle. A big shout out to for the blue sarong on chair that I indulged myself with a few weeks ago. It was a godsend to wrap around me, milliseconds after leaving the pool :). My new goal is 20 laps per day and will keep you posted on how I am going with that.

In celebration I made cheater chicken for dinner, what is cheater chicken? My eldest named it CC because I leave out the egg portion of crumbing. I cut the chicken breasts into thin slices, then soak in milk and crumb and cook. Not an easy task when you have a baby strapped to the front of you for preparation, believe you me. She can call it what she likes but prior to this throw together, chicken had never passed her lips. Now this is another funny story, why didn't she eat chicken? because we would be eating Chicken Little (too many dvd's as a child).
So on this auspicious day, I thank every single blog I've read and person I have met in the last two months, listening reading their stories has inspired me more than words can say. Slowly but surely I am digging myself out of the black hole that was :)

Blog Virgin

Well it seems I am the last on this blog band wagon business. I feel like the dork who showed up late to the party you know!!! I have wanted to write a blog for so long but thought pffft nobody is going to want to hear what I have to say. But after reading some fantastic and life changing blogs over the last few months, I realised it's not about that, it's really about yourself and another tool to express your being. So a big thank you to Sonia @ Love Life and Hiccups, Cherie @ A Baby Called Max, Karen @ Simply Said and Bianca @ A Little Delightful , to name a few.
You are life changing inspirational ladies, who I can't speak highly enough of.
A little bit about me, I am a mother of two girls, 8 going on 21 and 3 months. Big gap I know, which I am sure will be a big focus in the blog. I had forgotten how exhausting it is with a newborn. It's not like when you were young and went out on the boo hiss for an all nighter coming home at sunlight, giddily swinging high heels in hand, barefoot, thinking it was "the best night ever", then sleeping all day ready to go again the next night, oh no my dear childless friends it's not like that at all, these kind of all nighters are not joyous at all, there is no basking in the sunlight, no ability to sleep all day and definitely no waiting on that gorgeous boy (pre ugly lights coming on) to call or text, no my lovelies it's no picnic, but the most rewarding job you'll ever do. One smile after that  48 hours straight no sleep and your mush in their hands.
Oh my once you start typing it really does fly off the keyboard doesn't it. Okay well enough for my FIRST rant!!! Welcome one and all and I hope you enjoy your stay, tip your waitress on the way out :) xx
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